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The Refill Place for your empty containers.
The Refill Place for your empty containers.

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In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday check out the article about the environmental lessons that can be learned by his popular children's book "The Lorax". 
"...the story of the Lorax begins in a place with clean air, healthy trees and a sustainable environment, but soon turns into a lonely place darkened by smog, pollution and the lifeless haze of abandonment."- Jill Lawson

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"Are you an avid environmentalist actively searching for an alternative to data tables and scientific reports through which to get your daily dose of global warming news and updates? If so, then listen up—seriously, you need to hear this one.
In Crawford's resulting "Song of Our Warming Planet," each ascending halftone represents about 0.03°C of planetary warming. Each note represents a year from 1880 to 2012, and the notes are portrayed over a range of three octaves. The coldest year, 1909, is embodied by the lowest possible note on the cello, open C. "- Anna Hess
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