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These are great! I've seen other gag reels before but this is something special!
awesome! this must be off the new HD release that came out recently. def gonna download this!! thx!! wonder if anyone has uploaded the gag reel from season 1 in HD yet? hmm... wonder if anyone has uploaded season 2 HD yet? better go check!
Brent Spiner's "gags" were my favorite.
Pfftthahahaha! Love it =-) 
Years of footage just waiting for a media with vast storage - BluRay and the cloud. 
Just makes the series that much more fun to watch when you see your on-screen heroes as the people they really are.
That was great I have to share this.
They shouldn't have bleeped out the cursing.  It would have been HILARIOUS to hear Commander Riker exclaim, "Fuck me.  FUCK ME." xD
cool! I was watching 3 Next Generation episodes earlier today on cable! :)
Nice to see the gag reel.  I almost forget it's a TV program when I watch it.
This is something maybe the world we come too will be in the future
I like the part when he said shit.  Im laughing at myself right now.
Had a belly laugh! The only thing better than the Next Generation are their outtakes. Ta !
Loved that GR himself was in the last take.
ROFL @ Patrick Stewart posing in the captain's chair.
Riker falling over the stool.... funniest thing I've seen all week :-) 
Ive seen start trek movie I think
. I was busy playing video games for the entirety of the tv series
Haha, the funniest one was at 4:44.
Data: "These two molecules. The purple ones. They're the ones who'll kill ya. So whatever you do, if you get some of these babies, don't eat these. You can eat these, but not these."
Lol awesome!
Lol love this show. Thank u netflix for having all the seasons 
These are great! Thanks.
I'm watching all the TNG episodes on Netflix right now. So good. 
Thanks for this :) raised a few smiles this morning. 
Great show, great can tell they enjoyed each other for the most part.
THe director seems increasingly annoyed.
I fucking loved every minute of that!
i see professor x look a like there. :D
Kiaz Mc
Definitely a GOOD LAUGH!
i never like the next gen voerger was good tho
This was funny, shows the light side of the actors. Cool.
Brilliant... Good to see the guys having a laugh at themselves :)
Spock was never in that series, he had retired by then but remained
consultant did the films
Hahaha... Wharf & data have me in stitches... :)
I loved all the Star Trek series, and these out takes we're a riot :-)
good show, entertaining and relaxing
Wow I've been a trekky for many years and this is the first time I've see a gag reel from Star Trek TNG that was classic. 
It was great to see Gene having a good time with his crew!
GiO Dz
the good old days.
STNG sucks!!! Give me Capt. Kirk and his crew anytime!!!
loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
So sad - I laughed myself to tears.
Star Trek will be the future, well Id say 3033 during the Maya 3.0
Thanks for making this such a successful post. Hope you all enjoy many more.

STC =/\=
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