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Everypony check out this stream!! It's helping out some great artists and the main thing is... IT"S PONIES :D

Everyone is getting better at drawing and I'm sitting here like

Why won't my hands do what I want them to :(

Hey everyone just wondering if any of you have an Xbox one and advanced warfare and would like to start a clan?

Does anyone know if it is possible to get one of the Lauren Faust create posters? (The one that is in the background of a couple of her pictures :P )

I've been trying to find one and I'd love to get one :) many because making my own may be copyright and I'd rather it be of good quality.

Thanks in advance for any help

Can anyone see my posts?

Hey everyone long time no post :) how's everyone been?

Oh and on a side note does anyone do animation?

Has anyone else had one of those day where everything seems to just go wrong?

Hi everyone, just 1+ this if you see it I'm just trying to get an idea if how many of us still receive notifications for this page :P
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