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The Best Circles on Google+
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Congratulations to +Thomas Angelo Moore for winning +The Best Circles on Google+  award for 14 May 2013.

Often this award seems to go to one of the "power users" on Google Plus and yet there are so many awesome people out there  that my be not as well known. 

One awesome person to circle would be +Thomas Angelo Moore 

Thanks goes to anonymous for recommending this circle. 

Click on the link, add circle for an amazing stream!

Be sure to plus one and share!

Nominate your favorite circles!

What kind of circles would you like to see?
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lunch inouout
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Congratulations to +Joe Martinez for winning +The Best Circles on Google+ for 10 October 2012.

This is our first circle for October so the month is starting out well ! 

This is the reference circle for Google+.

This circle was nominated by 3 separate people, congrats ! 

This is one circle you can click on to add without any hesitation and is an excellent starter circle for all those new to Google plus.

So many great people in this circle including : 

+Liz Quilty,  +Linda Lawrey+matthew rappaport, +Bobbi Jo Woods  +Michelle Marie  +Amanda Blain  , +Moritz Tolxdorff  , +Euro Maestro  , +Christina Trapolino  , +Brian Rose  ,  +Kim Beasley  , +Chris Brogan   , +DeAno Jackson  ,  +Robert Redl  , +Sarah Hill  , +Daria Musk  , +Ron Garan  , +Chris Pirillo  , +Mark Traphagen  ,  +Liza Sperling    , +Jay Zalowitz  , +Carter Gibson  ,  +Billy Wilson  , +Elaine Lindsay  ,  +Brian McDonald  +Stephanie Van Pelt  , +P E Sharpe  ,  +chee chew  , +Tiffany Henry  , +Bruce Garber  ,  +Emmett Lollis  ,  ,  +Vic Gundotra  , +Cliff Roth  ,  +Dolidh Young   , +Jaana Nyström  ,  +Natalie Villalobos  

and so many more !!!

The winners from September : 

+Dolidh Young

+Laurie DesAutels

+stephanie wanamaker

+Shared a circle with you

+Robyn Miller

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The most awesomesauce post ever!! Thanks +The Best Circles on Google+ and thanks to those who nominated my circle!! :)
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*Congratulations to +Laurie DesAutels  for winning +The Best Circles on Google+ award for 24 September 2012.

This is truly one of the best circles that we have ever seen. 

The award was nominated by +Rahul Roy.  Thanks so much for letting us know about this and so many other great circles.

This is what Laurie had to say about this circle :

I wanted to share a small circle of people who have inspired me or have made a huge impression in my heart in some way.

Thank you all for being there in one way or another :) - Especially over the past few months.

Who is in this circle ? Too many to list but include some awesome posters including : 

+Rahul Roy +Amanda Blain +matthew rappaport
+Daniel Sandstein +P E Sharpe +Daria Musk 
+Kenneth Campbell +Farran Lee +Linda Dee 
+Dolidh Young +Derek Ross +Liza Sperling 
+Christina Trapolino +Joltrast . +chee chew 
+Mike Searle +Stephen Monaco +Euro Maestro 
+Ryan Van Sickle +Elaine Lindsay +Daniel Fontaine 
+Yifat Cohen +Raleigh Burke +Katherine Gramann 

and so many others ! 

Check out previous winners this month : 

+stephanie wanamaker

+Shared Circles on G+

+Robyn Miller

Which is the best circle that you've seen this month?

Nominate your circle now!

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Change your experience with this stream!

This circle by +Shared Circles on G+ is one of +The Best Circles on Google+ 

If you can only add one circle, this is it.

This circle will liven up your stream, change your experiences and is #awesomesauce .

 Too many great people to list all but includes :

+Joe Martinez +Jaana Nyström +Mari Thomas +Peter McDermott 
+Euro Maestro +Mark Traphagen +Ronnie Bincer +Jens Graikowski 
+Liz ℚuilty +Gabriel Vasile +James Lawson-Smith +matthew rappaport 
+stephanie wanamaker +Daniel Ely Rankin +Konstantin Lamanov 
+P E Sharpe +Dirk Talamasca +Jacob Dix +Susanne Ramharter 
+Laurie DesAutels +Scott Cramer +Marc Jansen +Cam Meadows 
Bud Hoffman, M Monica and so many more ! 

Looks like a great suggested users list!

Who would you add to this list
+Shared Circles on G+  #awesomesauce  PLUSgagers on +Google+  #sharedcircles  

Personally circle these active PLUSSERS that will liven up your stream and change your experiences+++
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Please ad to circle. Thanks Brian:)
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+Rahul Roy is a fount of Google+ knowledge, excellent tips, and his recommendations for people to follow is unsurpassed.
How to Optimize Google+ posts
plus Highly recommended plussers for New Google+ users..

1. Add relevant images: Add images for maximum visibility even when you are sharing links.
2. Post publicly for maximum visibility
3. Add relevant hashtags in your posts
4. Post Useful stuff
5. Tag relevant plussers.
6. Timing of the posts matters --->
7. Add this circle and Interact with them: +1 , comment and reshare..
8. Share your Google+ posts on facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumbleupon and other social networking sites for extra visiblity..
Recommended Post:
9. Share your posts on social news websites like Digg, reddit, slashdot etc.
Bringing Traffic to Google+ Via Other social networking websites.. >
10. Share other's posts : Belive in resiprocity and feel the magic of Google+
11. Write about Trending topics..
12. Limit your daily number of posts: Focus on Quality rather than Quantity:
13. Ask your followers if they are interested in recieving notification from you and create a targeted circle to send notification about your important posts.
14. Respond to comments and every +mention: Google+ Tip: Managing Notification
15. Avoid Shameless self promotion.
16. Be yourself don't copy or steal others post.
17. Don't Spam
18. Be Helpful and be creative.
19. Join Public Hangout's and disscuss your most sucessful posts(needless to say be relevant).
20. Promote yourself on your blog/website by adding Google+ Badge for personal profiles..
21. Cross post Your Google+ posts to your Blog. Wordpress Plugin
22. Share a useful Circle and add it to CircleCount to get noticed also don't forget to tag +Best Shared Circle +Shared a Circle with you +The Best Circles on Google+ etc.
23. Use Text formatting wisely: *Bold* , _Italics_ , -strikethough-
24. Choose your niche: Read this post by +Jens Graikowski "how i found my place at G+" >
25. Add following pages to get extra reshares: +Reshare +Sharing is Caring on G+ +Reshared Creativity Read this post for details >

Enjoy your stay here..

O #Googleplustips #gplustips #sharedcircle #Tipsfornewbies #Googleplusposts #circlesharing #Google+ #G+ #Gplus #sm O
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glad to reshare it +Rahul Roy 
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So many quality circles to choose from today. First we had +Joe Martinez then +Michael Stuart now this delight from +Elle Gray. To avoid seeming spammy we've actually had to pass on some others.

This makes the cut not only because it's a great circle, but for the quality post that introduces it.
Inspired by +Rehan Ahmad's Happiness Circle , I have made my own draft of a Positive Thinkers Circle.

If you're left out of this circle, it's probably because I don't know you well enough, haven't stalked you enough, may have made a mistake, or because you might be negative and I adore you anyway. For example, my hubby is negative and we get along beautifully. So, being positive doesn't make you better or vice versa.

How I define a positive thinker:

o When there's a problem, they do something about it even if they complain as well. They are pro-active.
o They make people laugh.
o They make people smile.
o They focus on what they have and not dwell on what they don't have.
o They see all parts of a human instead of obsessing on what's wrong with them.
o They aren't serious all the time and can laugh, smile, down-to-earth and be silly too.
o They are socialized and know how to talk to people without intentionally hurting them.
o They are human too.
o They have manners.
o They don't take themselves seriously.
o They realize life is too short and make the best of it.
o Rather than preaching (which is intimidating for me), they set an example for others.
o A mark of a positive person is that they can be friends with a negative person should they have other redeeming qualities. Or at least they can tolerate negative people. o Most importantly, compassionate people are positive.

Thank you ALL for what you are to me and for making my experience here one that is positive. These plussers are all positive to me, in my own experience, so feel free to add them if you need more positivity in your life.
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Congrats to Carter Gibson for winning today's award of the best circles on Google Plus.

We also want to congratulate Carter for reaching 900 000 followers today!

+Carter Gibson it's only a matter of time now before you hit your first 1 million. 

We've watched Carter practically "grow up" here on Google Plus and it's been really a joy to watch his evolution unfold through his posts.

Read why Carter chose to share these people here

Astute followers will have noticed that usually we just share the original post with the circle. Well, we didn't do that this time for two sneaky reasons.  One  is that we included this page in the circle but feel free to remove it if you like. But the real reason is because Carter didn't include himself in the circle and we definitely want to include him. 

#sharedcircle   #sharedcircles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circles  

This is probably one of the highest quality circles have to be recommended for this award.   

We strong encourage you to not only add this circle but to share it and, of course, to congratulate Carter on reaching 900k!

So once again, thank you and congratulations to Carter Gibson!
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II comment aok.
never get in a bed with a post office employee who used to be
a fire fighter in the no.1 foul state nippon, the far east asia. why?
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Merry Christmas to you!

Congratulations to +Dolidh Young  for winning +The Best Circles on Google+ award for 24 December 2012.

Amazing people circle!

Click on the link, add circle for an amazing stream!

Be sure to plus one and share!

Nominate your favorite circles!

What kind of circles would you like to see?
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+Miguel Ricardo We will have a new circle today ! 
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Congratulations to +Dolidh Young  for winning +The Best Circles on Google+ award for 26 September 2012.

She calls this her circle of the most fabulous folk and it truly is a fabulous circle. If you had to choose only one circle, this is it!
This circle was nominated by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.  No reason to be timid folks.

So who are the fabulous people in this circle? 

+Joe Martinez +Carter Gibson +Amanda Blain 
+Peter G McDermott +Billy Wilson +Liz Quilty 
+Daria Musk +Robert Pitt +Sarah Hill 
+Mohamed Mansour +Trey Ratcliff +Euro Maestro 
+Neeta Tolani +Ryan Van Sickle +Larry Fournillier 
+Cliff Roth +Andy Bohm +chee chew 

and the list could go on and on but you get the idea!  Anymore firepower in here and this circle would explode!

Need more circles?

Check out the previous winners this month.

+Laurie DesAutels

+stephanie wanamaker

+Shared a circle with you

+Robyn Miller

Nominate your favorite circle now!

Add this circle and share.
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+THOMAS MICHAEL ANTONIO Kunishima If I understand you correctly, to answer, I'm Scottish and of Scottish/Irish/Spanish descent. Not from the US or China. :)
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Congrats to +stephanie wanamaker for winning +The Best Circles on Google+ award for the 19th of September.

Not only did she share a great circle with some awesome people but she created publicity for the #youmoveme  tag which encouraged other people to create circles of people that move them.

Isn't Google+ all about community ?

What better way to do that than sharing with others the people that move you!

For this reason we wish to thank Stephanie and all the others that created #youmoveme  circles.

Don't forget to listen to the song that started it all.

You move me, everyday by +Daria Musk

Also check out

If you want a good stream, add this circle and share.
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Great circle by Robyn Miller!

Circles like this are awesome.  Why is this one of +The Best Circles on Google+ ?

What's there to like ? 

Well, first off there's some great people in it including, among others : 

+Dan Soto +Jeff Jockisch +Suzy Jenkins +Michelle Marie +Mark Traphagen +Gideon Rosenblatt +Mari Thomas +Euro Maestro 
+P E Sharpe +U-Ming Lee +Dan Brill +Liza Sperling +Scott Cramer 
+Colin Lucas-Mudd +Jaana Nyström +Susan Stone +Jack C Crawford 
+Lee Smallwood +Ayoub Khote +Dirk Talamasca +Robert Scoble 
+Daniel Fontaine +Brad Chasenore +matthew rappaport 
Bobbi Jo Woods and Rory Swan too ! 

Now, as if that were not enough of a reason, the circle was recommended by +Dirk Talamasca and shared by +Mari Thomas +Dan Soto +Shared Circles on G+  +Brad Chasenore and many others as well.

+Robyn Miller has under 20 k circles, so be sure to circle her as well.

This circle is guaranteed to power charge your stream.

Nominate other circles today !

Add this circle and share ! 
Sharing 160 relevant folks for me (don't ask me why, G+ chooses) (plus me), so that +Russell Miller can have more people in his stream than just me :P

Please don't be offended if you aren't in here. It's the magic algorithm's fault, although I did tweak a little for folks I knew offhand really aren't posters.  I also apologize if these folks don't share publicly :) 

If they are in this circle they are either related to my work, or my play, or are engaging in some way. They either have interesting world views, or are geeky as heck, or are just nice.  If you aren't any of those, let me know and I'll figure out why you are here ;)
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cool! tnx!
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Here's a great circle if you like your shares in small doses. As +Anthony Fox says, "It's bite-sized".
Here's a very mini circle of guaranteed Engagers and those who'll:
interact, make you hungry, wish you never bought that phone (android vs. iPhone); and those you wouldn't mind stuck in an elevator with.

Again, this is just a mini circle of the masses that I bet you already have circled, but just in case... I take no responsibility for sudden urges to eat, buy the Nexus or venture very far away to visit some of these very kind individuals.

Happy Friday and have a great Cinco de Mayo!
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haha +Chris Hoeller is one of my favorites
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Add these people to your circles for a great stream
The Best Circles on Google+

Links to the best circles.

If you are the original poster of the shared circle, please let us notify when you update your circle so that we will update the link.