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Jaye Frye
I'm always up to something new.
I'm always up to something new.

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More Curves in the House (Musings of a Blogger)
So let me start by saying, when Mattel introduced the Madam Lavinia, I had to have her.  I mean an articulated curvy fashion doll!  Who could pass that up?  She was not inexpensive, yet I bought two. One to play, one to display.  But now Mattel has put out ...

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Baby Walkers (Musings of a Blogger)
Just a quick post as I work on stock for the baby boutique.  I finished up the walkers, which I wanted to look as good as and close to life like as possible.  I love the way they came out.  So I'm just sharing the walkers with you.  I'm hoping all the stock...

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Planning the Baby Shower
It is Saturday afternoon and Avery, Ember and Cyann are meeting at Avery's to start planning the baby shower.  Avery's father is in town and he and Craig have taken Aviana to the aquarium. They are meeting Grayson there, who is bringing his daughter, Brenna...

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Blaze Far (Musings of a Blogger)
With so many ladies in the house, male residents are still outnumbered (I don't know the ratio, I just know there are clearly lots more females here).  Many of these ladies would either like to be married, dating or just playing the field.  Yes, it would be...

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Crate Love (Musings of a Blogger)
I bought some crates at a craft store in anticipation of making furniture for Jun's apartment (which I still have not started building).  Having seen some photos using crates, I thought they would be nice to use to help seat some of the residents for photo ...

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Just a Day at the Bridal Salon
It's Friday afternoon and Felice and Bailey are working at the bridal shop.  Dani has taken the day off.  She trusts that Felice and Bailey know how to operate the store on their own.  There are customers today. Bailey is helping a customer, Katie, who has ...

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The First Date: Brett and Marlin
Brett and Marlin had their first date weeks ago, but it's taken a while to post the story.  They are having dinner at Color Burst.  They have already ordered and received their food and drinks.  They have been talking about one of the things they have in co...

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The First Date - Rowan and Rahim
Rowan and Rahim are on their first date.  Rahim made reservations at Select Spaces.  Although he chose the 'Romantic' package, he was specific about dialing it back a little so Rowan wouldn't feel pressured about the date.  He's very much interested in seei...

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Finally We'll Know
It's Saturday afternoon and Craig and Avery are at the restaurant where they made plans to meet Parker.  Avery is so excited because Parker is bringing the new lady in his life, whom he has yet to reveal to her and Craig.  Cyann is caring for Aviana.  Of co...

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Henna Support Team
It's Saturday night and Henna is relaxing with her friend's Onyx Cahill and Peyton Adams at Peyton's condo.  Onyx and Peyton are both being supportive of their friend as she continues to heal after her break up with Maurice.  Before we see what they're talk...
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