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Much prayer, much power.
Little prayer, little power.
No prayer, no power.

I'd appreciate your prayers today, as I videotape the 6 small group Bible studies for #40DaysOfPrayer , the 2015 spiritual growth campaign which over 30,000 churche...s will use next January and February in the 40 days before Easter. It's based on the Lord's Prayer.

For years we've done an annual spiritual growth intensive at the start of each new year. We call it a "campaign" because it uses 6 different learning styles, and aligns 6 weekend messages, 6 small group Bible studies, 40 daily devotional readings, a Bible memory verse for each of the 6 weeks, and practical projects. These annual campaigns have been the #1 reason for Saddleback's health and growth. Over 50,000 churches worldwide have used as least one of these spiritual growth campaigns, so I'm always conscious that I'm teaching churches of all sizes when I tape the studies like today.

"40 DAYS OF PRAYER" will be the first of 5 campaigns to be used by churches and groups over 5 years in order to renew plateaued or declining churches through the 5 RENEWALS: Personal renewal, Relational renewal, Missional renewal, Structural renewal, and Cultural renewal. All true renewal/revival begins with personal renewal - It starts in your heart, so we begin with #40DaysOfPrayer.

If you're interested in having your church or small group join in
40 DAYS OF PRAYER in 2015, email me

In the meantime, if you'd like info on our previous spiritual growth campaigns, such as 40 Days of Purpose... Faith... Love ... 40 Days in the Word (on Bible Study Methods) ... Live your Calling, or 2014's 50 Days of Transformation check out .

PRAY for revival and renewal in each of our hearts. Thanks!
I'm confident that 40 Days of Prayer will bring a #NewWave of God's Spirit and vitality in churches that use it.
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