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The following case out of Lennox and assigned to the Torrance Superior Court was a textbook example of a client who benefitted from having an aggressive defense.  Sometimes, the best defense, however, is not an aggressive defense, but in this case, it certainly was, as our client faced fourteen years in state prison, but the case resolved for one year.  How did our office negotiate this?  Click on the following link to find out -

Sometimes, an ability to really listen to the client is important.  In the following Torrance Superior Court case, our client was charged with domestic violence after his wife called 911 and claimed her husband had hit her over the head with a gigantic coffee table.  The coffee table actually had been broken weeks earlier, but the wife believed she could get away with this “white” lie.  Our office showed how the husband, who weighed about 135 pounds (and stood five foot eight inches tall) could not have lifted the coffee table, that weighed more than him, to hit his wife over the head with it.  What was the result of this case?  Click on the following link to find out -

Imagine being a police officer and responding to a 911 call by a neighbor that a couple nearby was fighting.  As you, the officer, enter the Redondo Beach home, you find both the man and the woman passed out drunk on the couches.  Who do you charge?  The wife had visible bruising to her face and her husband, an attorney, does not appear injured.  The wife then explains that her facial bruise is from tripping over a dog’s bed and hitting herself on the stairs.  In this case, the police then arrested the husband, however, our office had the case dismissed.  How?  Click on the following link to find out -
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Whenever there is a witness to a domestic violence case that seems to determine fault, the police and prosecutors attribute perfect lighting, perfect eyesight and perfect judgment to the witness, even it the incident happens at night, the witness is quite far away and the noise of a nearby street is significant.  In the following case out of the Torrance Courthouse, our client was arrested for domestic violence to his girlfriend based upon a witness account of the incident.  How did our office cause dismissal of the case?  Click on the following link to find out -

Our sixteen-year old client in Long Beach was accused of battery to her two-month old daughter.  It was a tragic case on several levels, but luckily the young daughter was not hurt too much and the conduct seemed negligent rather than criminal in intent.  How did the matter resolve?  Did the young mother go to jail?  Did the young daughter go to foster parents?  Click on the following link to find out -

In the following case out of Palos Verdes and then the Torrance Superior Court, our client allegedly took a large knife and told his wife, “now you are going to die.”  He suspected her of infidelity when she went to Las Vegas with their daughter.  How did the case resolve for such a serious threat?  Click on the following link to find out -

Our client did not choose his girlfriends wisely.  It seemed that whenever he got in an argument, the girlfriend would simply call the police and claim domestic violence.  In the following case, however, our client did cause some red marks on her neck.  The severity of the case was misdemeanor, but because our client had a prior conviction for domestic violence and an earlier conviction for a strike offense (residential burglary), the Torrance prosecutors saw this case as a six-year prison case.  What did our office do to resolve the case for two years?  Click on the following link to find out -

When truth is more interesting than fiction, the following case is a good example.  Our client dated a beautiful woman who joked she liked dating because of the good restaurants she could go to for free and when she found a richer boyfriend, she would just serve the old boyfriend with a fabricated restraining order to make the break clean.  Our client heard this and wondered if it was true.  He found out it was true, but our office got the case dismissed.  How?  Click on the following link to find out -

There are some cases that attorneys think about over and over, even years later, to the surprise of clients.  This case out of Pomona was one such case for Greg Hill & Associates.  The client was a very religious man, even going to church every day.  His wife, the alleged victim, would not accompany him to church and like to spend her time on Facebook.  Our client was on probation for throwing a tape measure at his father-in-law, so he was vulnerable to custody time if he picked up a new case, as his wife appreciated.  The rest of the case facts can be read by clicking on the following link -

Fifteen days of county jail is the mandatory minimum punishment for anyone convicted twice for domestic violence within seven years.  In the following misdemeanor domestic violence case out of the now-closed Whittier Courthouse (now all cases from Whittier are heard in Norwalk), our client faced a second conviction for domestic violence.  It did not help him that he also had two convictions for DUI.  However, our office was able to negotiate a plea bargain in which our client avoided serving any time in jail.  To read how we did this, click on the following link -
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