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I wrote a little something about my first months of travelling/living abroad.. #travel #life

I think there's a bug somewhere with OnePlus, I jst received 3 invites in 1h interval.
Anyone needs one ?

Someone has an #inbox invite? :-)

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#summershots #oneplus 
Bretagne - France

For my Master's thesis related to ITS (Intelligent tutoring systems) applied to train simulators, I'm comparing the actual existing solutions in train simulators but also in Flight simulators.
I read that FSX was providing lessons and tutorials to learn the basics of flying. However I didn't find any Videos showing this lessons and tutorials so I can analyse and describe them.
Someone know where I can find such videos? Google didn't provide me any relevant result.
Or maybe someone can record for me a video showing these lessons/tutos.

Thank you for your help.

Anyone having a problem with peek? After picking my phone and then put it back on the table, it keeps showing peek and turn off the screen..
I'm running a. N4 with beta 6

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I Have a problem with my screen. The black color is strayed.
I'm running PA with Franco kernel.
There's the same problem with cyanogen mod with default kernel and PA with default kernel
Any idea? 

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I was wondering what was the best kernel with cm11 on a nexus 4?
I know there are no best kernels but I looking for same speed as stock kernel bit with a better battery life
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