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A interesting shot from +Roxanne Overton , showing great images are possible from simple subjects. Thank you Roxanne.
An old chair sitting in a  shaft of light provided shadows, shapes reflections, repetition and a nice opposing pattern.  It's often the simplest of things that can stop me in my tracks.

#allthingsred   #hqspabstract   #mirrorsandreflections +Gemma Costa
 +HQSP Promotion and +Wing Yau Au Yeong  
#hqspphotoart +HQSP Photo Art curated by +Sean McLean +Enrique Pelaez  #showyourbestwork and +ShowYourBestWork by  +Britta Rogge  #everydaythings  +EVERYDAY THINGS +Isabelle Fortin +luca lancieri
+Photo Mania USA by +David Pilasky +Kris Rowlands +Dorma Wiggin +Marjolein Schat   +stunning moment by +Alycia Miller +Zvonmir Fras
#soothingphotography +Soothing Photography by +E Cindy +Massimo Marengo +Tomoaki Matsushita +Naghmeh Khadembashi +Steve J. Giardini
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An absolutely amazing poppy field for you to enjoy, courtesy of +Rob Hallifax .
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+AllThingsRed please give +Jerry Downs the credit for his photo. Thank you. :)
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A totally beautiful poppy field from +John Wade . Hope you like it. Thank you John.
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.....and thanks for the share....
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Thanks for re-share +AllThingsRed :)
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What an amazing fungus from +Shawn McClure . Enjoy!
Two-Colored Bolete Mushroom ( Boletus bicolor ) -- Bingham, IL
I found this large mushroom growing in one of the "back forty" equipment sheds on my family's farm in southern Illinois. This is an edible fungus which inhabits most of North America east of the Rocky Mountains, but it can also be found on the other side of the globe in China and Nepal. This unusual distribution is known as the Grayan disjunction - the phenomenon is characterized by a species living in one continent or island and then also on the other side of the world with no specimens of the species living in between the specific habitats. The Grayan disjunction is not uncommon among fungi.

Isn't nature grand? :-)

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For +Fungus Friday / #FungusFriday, curated by +Chris Sullivan and +Dan Bowden, and #shroomshotsaturday +ShroomshotSaturday  curated by +Patti Colston  +Michael Albrecht and +Anders Stedtlund +Sabeena LoBello, and #hqspnaturalother +HQSP Natural Other curated by +Daniel Taylor +Joakim Hagen Abrahami +Stefanie Schächtel, and +FruitsFriday / #FruitsFriday, curated by +Vesna Krnjic and +Peter Teufl, and +Quirky Nature / #QuirkyNature, curated by +Carissa Braun, and +AllThingsRed / #AllThingsRed, curated by +Lucille Galleli and +Stephen Thackeray, and the +Breakfast Club / #BreakfastClub, curated by +Gemma Costa, and +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS curated by +Robert SKREINER, and #mushroom, #fungus.
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+AllThingsRed - Thank you kindly. :)
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What a lovely shot from +Jean-Louis LAURENCE . Enjoy!
Un beau rayon de soleil ce matin, et les abeilles repartent à l'ouvrage !
A beautiful ray of sunshine this morning and bees return to work!

#bellesphotos  pour +Belles photos page animée par +Jean-Louis LAURENCE  +Claudya Bonnet +mimiesmile b
#uneruche +Une ruche +Jean-Pol Clausse +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Jérôme Salort +Didier Misson
#hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers curated by +Kawthar A +Krystina Isabella Brion +jon-paul Jones +Maria B-R +Zita Nahm
#hqspmotion  +HQSP Motion curated by +Sean McLean +Anja Wessels
#pixelworld  +PixelWorld Curated by +Alberto Carreras
#BreakfastClub  +Breakfast Club +Gemma Costa
#DailyDepthOfField +Daily Depth Of Field by +Vince Ong and +Nuraini Ghaifullah +Virgil Cowen +f.a. fiebig
member of
+Best Top Photographer Group +Rinus Bakker +BTP Daily Highlight +BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)
+ShowYourBestWork #ShowYourBestWork by +Britta Rogge
#Macro4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All
#macroaddict (+MacroAddict) created by +Sandrine Berjonneau and +Didier Caron
#inpraiseofpollinators ++In Praise of Polllinators by +Dusty Gedge
#AllThingsRed  by +Lucille Galleli +Stephen Thackeray
#EverythingRed +Everything Red curated by  +Carra Riley  and +Donna St. Pierre
#Animalia (+Animalia) créé par +Adelphe BACHELET
#bugseveryday curated by +Chris Mallory
#flowerpower  +FLOWER POWER  +Edith Kukla
#BeeThursday curated by +Dorothy Pugh +Bee Thursday
#SOOC Tuesday +***** +Nicole Best
#two4tueday +#TwoForTuesday by +Mary C Legg
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Thank you very much ;-)
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Lovely! : )
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A really wonderful shot from +Kate Siobhan . Hope that you like it. Comments to Kate please.

Face the wind. 

One of my favourite images from last summer. Been keeping it to myself this whole time. 

#tgltanzania +The Giving Lens  #africantuesday   #africa   #allthingsred  
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A lovely shot of a beautiful bird from +Jasbir S. Randhawa . Enjoy!
White-capped Water Redstart (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus) 
Captured in the hills of Solan District of the Western Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh, N. India; not far from Chandigarh

For #BirdPoker Red Tails  curated by +Phil Armishaw 
For #WaterBirdWednesday +Water Bird Wednesday curated by +Ray Bilcliff and +Margaret Tompkins 
For #WildlifeWednesday  curated by +Mike Spinak and +Morkel Erasmus 
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For #Birds4All +Birds4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen and +Ricky L Jones 
For #FromTheCarTuesday  curated by +J. Rae Chip and +Jetski Jones 
For #DailyDepthOfField +Daily Depth Of Field curated by +Vince Ong 
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+AllThingsRed Thanks so much for resharing! :-)
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Because Red is the new Red!
Welcome to #AllThingsRed, the page dedicated to delicious, luscious REDness 

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