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Jane Mamapeapod
Blogging about creative play ideas for preschoolers, toddlers, babies, and mamas.
Blogging about creative play ideas for preschoolers, toddlers, babies, and mamas.

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DIY Crackers for Christmas or New Year
DIY Crackers for New Year's Eve Remember how fun it was pulling Christmas crackers at dinner? Well, we had loads of fun making these homemade crackers last year to pull during our New Year's Eve celebrations with the kids! They are easy to make with just re...

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{Three to Five Playful Preschool: New Resource for Parents}
Three to Five:  Playful Preschool Creative, Hands-On Learning It's here! And you're going to LOVE all the brilliant, playful learning activities inside!  The awesome new preschoolers' parent resource I was telling you about, " Three to Five: Playful Prescho...

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{Rubbed Leaf Hedgehogs}
These cute little hedgehogs brightened up our dreary fall afternoon last weekend! Rubbed Leaf Hedgehogs Creativity for Preschoolers Sweet Pea loves collecting leaves, sticks, rocks, anything from nature that she finds on our walks. As a result, we had a lar...

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{DIY Bubble Machine}
DIY BUBBLE MACHINE These DIY bubble machines are easy and fun to make for endless foamy bubble fun this summer! You will need: [affiliate links included for your convenience] *styrofoam or plastic cups *plastic food wrap * bendy straws   *tape in a pinch bu...

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{Crazy Hidden Colours Science Experiment for Kids}
Crazy Hidden Colours Science Experiment for Kids One of our favourite science experiments from our recent Rainbow Fairy Science Party was this 'Hidden Colours' Experiment. (You can read the story about how this experiment involved fairies here .) It's such ...

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{Rainbow Fairy Science Birthday Party!}
Rainbow Magic Fairies Science Adventure: A C o l o u r f u l B i r t h d a y P a r t y ! Princess Pea turned 7 last week, and this year she really tested my creative party planning skills by requesting a 'Science Fairy' party! (Erm...sure, honey, I can do t...

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{Dinosaur Party for Kids (Boys AND Girls!)
Our Dinosaur Birthday Party for Kids (all kids!) I'm putting all our Dinosaur Birthday Party posts in one place for easier reference. Our daughter LOVED her dinosaur-themed party for her 4th birthday! We kept it all 'neutral' - this is not a dinosaur party ...

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{Magical Tooth Fairy Coins}
Magical Tooth Fairy Coins At our house the tooth fairy brings 'fairy money'. Since my daughters don't really have much concept of the value of coins or any chance to spend them anyway, the tooth fairy leaves little (I mean really tiny) 'fairy' coins. It all...

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{Summer Bucket List 2012}
Summer Bucket List Today is our first day of summer holidays!! Woohoo! Last year we got through most, but not all, of our summer bucket list . This year, I'm including a few of the things we missed last year (like making DIY fossils), a few that we do every...

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{Fruit and Vegetable Sensory Guessing Game for Vocabulary Development}
A fun and educational sensory game for toddlers and preschoolers!  Play this simple Fruit and Vegetable Guessing Game to help young children learn to use their senses and logical reasoning to deduce what's hidden behind their backs, while developing their v...
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