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Two-and-Half Years Old Kiddo Update
Eating a chocolate-chip cookie A. His Schedule – He is not a morning person, and is
frequently very drowsy and cranky when we wake him. If he’s good about
getting ready in the morning, then he gets to watch one TV show on Amazon Prime before “school” (dayca...

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Cross Stitch Dala Horse Pattern
Every time I try to use an off-the-shelf pattern, I find things that I'd like to change, and I start to tinker with the pattern. Call me a perfectionist. I look for inspiration from not just cross stitch patterns, but also real-life photos. That is what hap...

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Choo-Choo Train Cross Stitch
I made this cute toy choo-choo train ornament using cross stitch. My finished ornament was 3.25 inches square from corner to corner. DMC colors used: White for the window – BLANC Red for train body – 304 Dull purple – 3041 (similar) Green for stripes – 910 ...

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Small Red Cottage (Cross Stitch) and Tips for Using Metallic Embroider Floss
I made this small cross stitch item and turned it into a 3.25-inch square Christmas ornament. The metallic floss was difficult to work with (see my tips below). See this post for my mounting / finishing instructions. DMC colors used: Red for house – 304 Pea...

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Christian Cross with Dark Shadow Detail and Backstitching (Cross Stitch)
I made this ornament - the finished size of my ornament was 3.25 inches square but I had plenty of room on every side (you could easily use this pattern for a 2.75-inch square ornament). The gold outline was done via backstitching at the very end. DMC color...

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Tiny, Small Helicopter (Cross Stitch)
Do you know what's surprisingly hard to find online? A cross stitch pattern for a small, ornament-sized plane. But I found one for a helicopter! DMC colors used: Red – 304 Yellow – 972 Green – 910 or 699 (similar) White for window of helicopter – BLANC Fabr...

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Minions Cross Stitch
A couple (boy and girl) of minions. This was a pretty easy project and I think it turned out cute. I used a 3-inch wooden embroidery hoop. DMC colors used: Minion yellow – 3822 Black – 310 Blue for overalls – 995 Pink for dress – 602 Pink for cheeks (female...

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Small Cross Stitch Train
I'm pretty proud of myself for creating this tiny train pattern from scratch. I turned this design into a 3.25-inch square Christmas ornament using the finishing technique in this post . DMC colors used: Red – 304 Yellow – 972 Green – 910 or 699 (similar) B...

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Fancy Christian Cross (Cross Stitch)
Here is a Christian Cross. It was kind of hard to find a pattern online since the word "cross" is part of "cross stitch." You may want to try Googling with the words "holy" or "religious" or "Christian," etc. I used this cross stitch to make a Christmas orn...

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Rainbow Colored Christian Cross (Cross Stitch)
This is a very simple Christian Cross shape. My finished ornament was 3.25 inches square, but mine had a lot of excess edge around the cross - you could easily use this pattern for a 2.75-inch square. DMC colors used: Red – 817 Yellow – 726 Blue – 995 Fabri...
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