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Book Evolution
My earliest memories of books are from age 5 when I carried my favorite book with me to Mrs. Patrones' house after morning kindergarten.  I remember sharing it with my friend, Frankie.  I had many favorites through the years, but most of the early ones caug...

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Let Me Tell Ya...
...'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees... Nah, you know all about that.  I want to tell ya 'bout the thrillers and the horror and the romance and the sci fi... Ok, it doesn't rhyme but I still want to tell you about all the awesome bo...

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Where'd They Go?
So... where'd the gay and black folks books go? The question is whether LGBT and/or African American books should be shelved separately from other library materials or not. First off, what IS an LGTB book or an African American book?  Is it a book about bei...

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African American Genre Annotation
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterley William Morrow Pub. (2016) ISBN: 978-0062363596 Available formats:   Hardcover ,  Paperback ,  Overdrive eBook ,  Kindle ,  MP3 audiobook Synopsis "Just as islands...have relevance for the ecosystems everywhere, so do...

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Yours, Mine, and Ours
This is an interesting issue, and one which, although it's not a problem for my library now, will be next year.  Right now the Teen Area at both our branches is open to the rest of the library.  The items are shelved separately from the Adult sections, but ...

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New Adult Annotation
A Court of Thorns and Roses   by Sarah J. Maas Court of Thorns & Roses series Bloomsbury USA Childrens (May 5, 2015) ISBN-13: 978-1619634442 Available formats :   Hardcover ,  Paperback ,  Overdrive ebook, Kindle , Audiobook ,  Synopsis A modern day spin-of...

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Enter the Matrix... the RA Matrix!
Jared Diamond's "matrix" of the spread (or not) of inventions. Guns, Germs, and
Steel: The Fates of Human Societies   by Jared Diamond Published July 17, 2005 528 pages Setting: 
World           Time Period:  Human
origins to modern, concentrated from 13,00...

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How Appealing is Your Medium?
From the book cover of Reluctant Medium by G.G. Collins I have to confess:  I've been prejudiced against certain mediums.  Not people mediums, story mediums.  I was a die hard print reader until my daughter dragged me into the world of the Kindle.  Then I s...

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Non-fiction Annotation
The Hot Zone:  The Terrifying True Story  of the Origins of the Ebola Virus by Richard Preston Dark Biology series Anchor Books (1999) ISBN: 978-0385495226 Available formats:   Hardcover, Paperback ,  Overdrive ebook/Kindle , CD/MP3 audiobook ,  and a free ...

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Historical Fiction Annotation
Queen Margot   by Alexandre Dumas Miramax Books (1994) originally published in 1845 ISBN: 978-0786880829 Available formats:  Hardcover,  Paperback ,  Kindle ,  CD audiobook   Synopsis Queen Margot is a historical novel set in Paris in August 1572 during the...
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