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The eastern shores are sinking!!

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My Review of The Croods

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Great article about finding youself
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The discovery of self
When I first heard read the book by Christopher McDougall “Born to run” I was mesmerised. In many different ways that summer read has changed my life, it made me understand that what I am isn’t defined by the condition I am in or the state of my body, that it’s my mind that has the potential to open my horizons. And all that was due to one single paragraph, the one where Caballo Blanco told the author to run with him, just run with him, the way we were intended to run. The way we were born to run. And I could see them run in my mind…

I think that day meanrat was born. Something inside of me clicked and it all suddenly made sense. I could see it so perfectly clear in my mind, the fact that I could, and I should and I absolutely must run. The next day I run my first 10K without getting out of breath and without needing any further reinforcement of the idea. I just did it like it was the most natural thing for me to do. Why? Because it was.

I have never been much of a runner. Heck, I was the last at any given race gasping for air and holding on to my sides, performing the dying swan act at the finish line. And that would be a one kilometre run max. I have always been that loser who couldn’t make it up the stairs without getting out of breath and needing a rest. If someone told me I’ll end up being a runner of all things… I would probably have probably died of horror.

You can do only as much as you let yourself do – I am now well aware of this fact. You can hold on to the feeling of how difficult it is to put one foot in front of the other or you can let yourself hover over the ground barely noticing the impact as you go, turns out it is a choice. A choice everyone is able to make.

Most people go through life listening to other people of how they should be, what they can or cannot do instead of looking inside themselves and discovering their potential on their own, testing their limits and probing the rules. Life itself is there to be tested and questioned every single day you take a breath and being curious, you would have thought, should have been the job description the moment you are born. Only you and you alone can define what you are capable off and then go ahead and seize it, make it happen and flourish in it. Why? Because you can and no one, no one, can tell you otherwise. 

We always are what we let ourselves believe we are.

I am a meanrat. What about you?

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Maryland has speed cameras everywhere. I purchased a special license plate cover that hides the plate number and a spray that hides the plate number. We'll see how it works!

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Dear sir in the next stall,

Life does not need to be this hard. Eat more vegetables.


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