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Why can't we finally and forever outlaw assault weapons but keep our hunting rifles and regular handguns? What's so wrong with that? Why on Earth does anyone need to shoot off 500 bullets in a minute?! How many people could you kill in 60 seconds, with bullets sweeping the area? 200?

Mass shooting. Making assault weapons actual weapons of mass destruction! Outlawing instruments of mass destruction is already on the books, isn't it?! I mean, we invaded Iraq because we 'thought' they had WMD.

Banning these types of weapons doesn't violate the Second or Ninth Amendments (per SCOTUS, already!) to keep assault weapons for warfare, and others for personal use. Bring back the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, permanently! 

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Do you think mandatory sentencing is right? Do you think a first time drug offender should be serving FIFTEEN YEARS for having 'more drugs on her person than can one person can use?' (that's a "conspiracy") .. she has served TEN years ... help this petition get to President Obama. Get ONE out if you can .. then you REALLY can say you helped end mandatory sentencing!

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Nothing compares ... to you, Prince. RIP.  His music, his hits were huge! We all still know them .... total talent.  His early death is a loss for everyone. 

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Outlaw corrupt judges ... Maybe those in the Department of Injustice should be serving life without parole! The only danger marijuana carries is its illegality! FACT. 

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Haven't been on G+ in AGES.  Been too busy with the cannabis initiative in our little town, now that the State was forced to accept the will of the People by a signature driven initiative!  But since the State included the clause that any town, city or borough could "opt out" it's been a town by town, borough by borough rodeo!  

It's insane. Statewide, 53% voted to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana.  And THAT is where we made OUR mistake: never ever let too many 'arms' of government get into the making of new law.  In a few years, the reefer madness that has the 75 yr olds running around like their hair was on fire will either have no hair left or they'll be dead from old age, and finally, the new age can begin! 

Time IS on our side, but not for all of us. Some of us are ill, some of us are dying, but we must wait for the bureaucrats to have their day, and THEN .. maybe if we're lucky, someone will have the $6000 to apply for a license, AND have the multiple thousands of dollars required to buy the state-mandated tracking system, the video-tracking system and more  ... from seed to store and I imagine all the way to your turds in the bowl. 

Can we say OVER-regulated? TOO costly to operate? And, hey, sorry, but no outsider money allowed, even though last time I checked a dollar was a dollar in the United States!  No out outlaws out of state partners in liquor stores!  

If the State of Alaska cannot bust you with law enforcement, they damn sure are going to try to do it via administrative malarkey, EXPENSIVE malarky at that!  I think I'll stick to the 'black market' or 'gray market' ... at least they're known! The State is cutting off its nose to spite its face. That day is here, NOW, to do the right thing, but like the federal govt, they'd rather bury their brains under the cages they put people into for possessing pot. 

Heil Amerika!  The new fascist state, where the people go willingly to the cages made for them!  But at least in Homer, the town OF pot in Alaska, we may be reaching some agreements: 

First Week: City Council, Mayor, Advisory Panel, and 100s of residents meet to likely vote in Ord 16-04 .. legalizing pot sales in Homer in certain areas. GREAT! Ahhh but wait ...
Second week: Two CC members toss out Ord 16-06, city wide BAN! What?!

Third week: a "$1.5 million" bust of 1014 plants in Homer, supposedly a cop smelled it. Yah sure. No one ELSE driving by noticed any smell. I guess for just a few seconds, on that one particular day, his air scrubbers just didn't work right .. and lo! Right in front of one of the newbies local cops.l Wouldn't you know it?

Fifth week: the ban is finally booted out, and we're back to working on Ord 16-04 - again. Finally, reality. But I do wonder what is going to happen to that guy who was arrested for getting a bit of a head start on his licensing. Imagine, PRISON because he did not have the right pieces of paper! Paper dreamed up by the idiocracy of 21st century Alaska. We've been invaded by the jerks we left behind when we moved to Alaska. They come up here on vacation, come back as retirees and immediately want to pave our hiking trails but at the same time, forbid "ugly big stores" and such, because it would ruin the ambiance of our little town. Said little town with the huge unemployment rate! Morons. Unless we're there to wipe their butts, mow their laws, bag their groceries or fix their cars, they'd just as soon we locals stayed under our rocks. In the old days, we'd have burned them out.

I mean, do the math: cost of arrest vs. loss of tax revenue? The fact that busting one medium sized grow doesn't stop the grow ops that exist and have existed for decades! They're still growing right this very minute, in fact! This is all over the Kenai Peninsula - HUNDREDS of POUNDS that are growing right now, this very minute --- doing quite fine, though unregulated, untested and untaxed!

SOOOOO .... what's going on here? Are the handful that get kickbacks from the local growers better for .. whom? Those receiving the bribes? Certainly isn't doing any of the rest of us much good! We want dispensaries, DEC approved kitchens for edible manufacturing, true testing labs, and out-in-the-open grow ops! It's why we had the signature driven initiative why we voted on it ... now, this nightmare is happening. Idiocracy indeed. 

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I'm keeping my eye on Watts Water acquisitions.  Water is the next oil.  Love this old film, great propaganda - the good kind!  People DID need hot water heaters to have safety valves, and we still do.  Simple safety. 
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