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Brendan Johan Lee

Hi +Frank Monza

I'm having some issues with rss/xml parsing with wg. I'm trying to get it to parse If trying to parse as rss it never parses and simply stays as "loading". I guess this might have something to do with the content type being application/x-rss+xml?

So i though, no biggie, I'll just parse it as xml $wg("", xml, "//channel/item["+gv(feed)+"]/title")$ That sort of worked, however, it seems KLWP doesn't get that this should be utf-8, so characters like ø,å,æ,etc aren't displayed at all. I can't quite get why that would be since utf-8 is defined both in the header:
Content-Type: application/x-rss+xml; charset=utf-8
and in the xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

So, any ideas as how to get this working, bar making my own proxy to convert the feed into something KLWP understands?

(I'm on KLWP 3.23)

Plug-in for outgoing SMS?

I've looked everywhere for a plug-in to react to outgoing sms in tasker. Seems like nobody has made anything like that. Any posibility you could whip up something like that +João Dias? I'm guessing that it should be fairly simple, since join already reacts to outgoing sms (heck, it could even just be an addition to join).

Any chance you could make an option to allow upload of all sms not just the latest 10. And also an option in the app to trigger a one time bulk upload of all existing sms? Having all contacts and sms as files on Google drive with join automatically updating with new ones as they arrive would be ha huge asset for those of us who like to make our own stuff without having to make our own android apps.

Seems to be a big in the fab AutoApps message (in persistent mode). It sends the same message when it gets dismissed as when you hit it leading to some really bad situations.

would it be possible to have the move icons a bit further in on both kwgt and klwp? they are really hard to hit on the galaxy s6...

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This is the funniest thing you'll see today :)

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Could you make your color selectors smaller or move them up? My keyboard covers them so I can't use them. Same happens with the default Samsung keyboard.

I also found a problem with the fab or the dismiss task. If create a persistent fab and within a short time (2-3 swconds) run dismiss from a separate task the fan stays in place. The only way of getting rid of it is to start Material design from the menu and then kill it using recent apps.

The toolbar isn't working. All items send the last command in the list of commands. So if you enter items as One,Two,Three and commands as One,Two,Three all three items in the toolbar send the command Three.

Does (or will) join have an api? Not interested in using the sms web app, but being able to integrate with my own custom terminal application I'm working on would save me lots of work.
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