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The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter -- So good!
It's been a bust book reading week. I'll do just about anything to avoid writing the end to a book (Once, I even folded all the laundry), but this week, I have read some truly amazing stories. My favorite, so far, is The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter. T...

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The Secrets of Southern Girls will leave you with a book hangover!
Wow. This 5-star book with its multiple points of view gives the reader the entire story from Reba and Jules' friendship, to Reba's romances, to Julie's relationship with her ex-husband. And it compelling from the first page to the last. Julie thinks she ki...

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Three Things Day #1 excerpt
Available now across all platforms! Three Things by Melissa Shirley Professional baseball player Ethan Remington—Remy to his friends—falls for Dr. Jillian Carter at first sight, but Jillian does things in her own time. It takes her a bit longer to realize t...

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Dandelion Wishes the trailer...

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Memorial Day Blog Hop!!!!
Sign up for email on the left and click follow for Google + and be entered to win an advance ebook copy of Dandelion Wishes or Forget us Not! You pick your prize. Melanie Cuyler is having a very bad year. First, she spills
coffee on the pants of the most po...

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Dandelion Wishes Excerpt... A do-over beyond belief
“Did Tucker Fallon just kiss you?” KC’s scowl,
along with the hands punched onto his hips say plenty of things his  quiet words don’t. For the space of one
delusional second, I think he must care about me in the way I do him. Then, I
remember the way he bac...

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Coming Soon!!!!!

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Dandelion Wishes Excerpt ... Bad day
I read the words I lie to myself all the
time …Bam!...someone shoves me hard to the left, and in reward, I get a face
full of chest…hard, masculine chest. In slow motion, I scream as my cup crushes
between me and the aforementioned pectoral muscles. The ...
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