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Thirsty sponge with a lot of passion
Thirsty sponge with a lot of passion

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Which #socialmedia  tool do you like better? #smm   #marketing   #Hootsuite   #Buffer  
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My latest post for +ParkerWhite Brand Interactive about Facebook organic reach.
The Economics of Facebook Organic Reach and Why Marketers Should Expect to Pay
For a while now we have seen the decline of organic reach on Facebook, supported by anecdotal accounts and raw data. This has caused some people to become alarmed and some people to become angry. But the reality is that organic reach is part of economics and marketers need to learn to adapt.
#smm   #social   #Facebook   #Facebookorganicreach  

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5 Examples of DTC Blog Content for Healthcare Marketers
See what other companies are doing to reach patients with blog content. There are many opportunities for healthcare companies to connect with patients through content marketing - it can be so much bigger and better than just a PDF or couple paragraphs on your website. And it doesn't have to mean creating tons of new assets. It's scalable, efficient, and effective.
Check it out: 
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My latest article for +ParkerWhite Brand Interactive! 
Feed Your Audience, Not the Content Beast
The need to feed a mythical “content beast” is a distraction from what really matters – your audience, and what they want and need. If you’re marketing a product or service, it’s imperative to create content in order for your brand to be found online. However, many marketers find “feeding the content beast” scary and intimidating. Find out what you should really be focusing on instead. 

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Social Media ROI Not As Mysterious As You Think
Many marketers are hesitant to invest in social media marketing because of fear there won’t be any way to definitely prove social media ROI to executive management. However, measuring social media ROI isn’t as challenging as you may think. 
1. Referral traffic
2. Email collection
3. Coupon redemptions
4. Ecommerce sales
5. Increase in brand mentions
6. Increase in positive brand mentions
7. Community growth
8. Returning visitors
#smm   #socialROI  

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Health and Wellness This Week: Consumer Insights Drives Form + Function
This week we saw big moves in the wearables market, a growing trend of targeting everyday consumers with sports nutrition products, and a new report shows just how many people are looking for EHR software.
#hcmktg   #wearables   #fitness   #mhealth  

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This Week In Healthcare:
Medical Device Design, mHealth roadmap, J&J's BabyCenter, and the growth of the Patient Monitoring Technology Market
Full article:
#healthcare   #medicaldevice   #patientengagement   #mhealth  

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My latest article for +ParkerWhite Brand Interactive is about getting better Social Media ROI! 
Want Social Media ROI? Use Persona-Driven Content to Build Your Community
If you want to see social media ROI you need to create personas, and, more importantly, you need the discipline to create every single piece of content and message in alignment with personas. You may be trying to build a fan base on social media, but at the end of the day you’re responsible for reaching business goals. 
#socialmedia   #smm   #socialROI  

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Pinterested in providing #PatientEducation  on Pinterest? Here's 7 best practices:
New data from ShareThis reveals Pinterest was the fastest growing sharing channel in 2013 and thirst most popular sharing channel overall (beating email). Pinterest is a great medium for healthcare brands to communicate visually and reach a large audience of patients. The data reveals that women dominate Pinterest, accounting for 6.76 percent of social shares across all channels and 57.63 percent of shares to Pinterest. 
#hcsm   #hcmktg

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Negative Comments - Do You Have a Plan In Place?
February 2014 research from social media training firm Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) found that fewer than half of US marketing professionals had an effective plan in place for dealing with negative posts on social sites. One-quarter did not have a plan but were working on one, and nearly one-quarter more had no plan—and no plan for a plan. At my agency, we outline community guidelines, provide the client with employee social media guidelines, and collaborate with the client to craft response matrices to anticipate various kinds of comments and how we want to handle them. If you have a plan in place for negative comments, what does it look like? What are some of the steps you've taken to prepare yourself?
#socialstrategy   #communitymanagement  
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