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Haley Ahrens
Food Blogger, Nurse, Dobie Mama and Newlywed! Find me at
Food Blogger, Nurse, Dobie Mama and Newlywed! Find me at

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Tangy Thai Broccoli Slaw {Fix-It Fast}
You guys, I'm back as a consultant for Tastefully Simple and I couldn't be more excited! I took a couple years away from TS because I wanted to focus on balancing work and being a new mom. Now that I have my groove back (maybe?!?!) I couldn't wait to get ba...

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Crab Cake Benedict with Avocado {Cravings}
I own quite a few cookbooks, but there are few that I actually reach for time and time again. The Pioneer Woman and Ina Garten cookbooks are my absolute favorites. Those ladies can do no wrong in the kitchen. Lately I'm finding myself reaching for Chrissy T...

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie
Last week for Valentine's Day, I made this festive smoothie for the whole family as a fun way to kick off the day. It was a big hit, especially with my toddler! Who doesn't love chocolate and fruit for breakfast!?!? Since the beginning of February, strawber...

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Our Valentine's Day Dinner
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day this week! I know we sure did :) We didn't go out on the town, because Lord knows how fun going out to eat with a toddler can be! This year we dined in and I pulled out all the stops to make up for the fact we ...

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Glazed Pumpkin Donut Holes
This past weekend I surprised my boys by waking up early and making them these fun, somewhat healthy donut holes. We have been eating healthier over the past 6+ months, but sometimes you just gotta have donuts on the weekend. These baked and glazed donut ho...

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Handy Helper
My little man is going to be 2 years old in a couple of weeks! How did that happen? It feels like yesterday I was writing a blog post about different type of food purees that I was making for Nolan. Craziness. Now I'm living in a world revolving around Mick...

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Toffee Cracker Crack
I'm not even kidding in the title when I say this stuff is "crack." This treat is highly addicting and freakishly easy to throw together in a moments notice. Who doesn't have saltines, brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips and pecans in their pantry!?!? I kn...

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Buffalo Chicken Bite Skewers with Blue Cheese Yogurt Dip
We are Montana Griz and Dallas Cowboys fans in this household. The Grizzlies because Dusty and I went to the University of Montana (it's where we met!) and Cowboys, because I married into it. I didn't ask to be a Cowboy, but it happened anyways. All in all,...

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Weight Watchin'
Hey Everyone! How was everyone's summer? Fun? Relaxing? I hope so! Can you believe we are almost through September? Crazy! Today is the first day of Fall by the way and I've jumped on the pumpkin spice train hardcore this year. Lord help me! What have I bee...

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Greek Cucumber Sauce
....Also known as Tzatziki sauce. Although when I order my favorite "grilled chicken pita with tzatziki sauce" the high school kids at the local drive-in look at me like, huh? Tat-zi, what?!? Then when I say, the cucumber sauce , all makes sense in the worl...
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