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The event widget dosen't work. -HELP

Scroll down to the left.

The error message is: SSL connect error

What could have happend??!

Now I'did an update of wordpress and etc and the error code reads:
cURL error 35: SSL connect error

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Hi. Hav a new issue. We are business network with meetings open to guests. Our group leaders ha to print a participants list but at the moment it is only available in .csv. A file format a bit hard to use when converting to a column list in Excel.

So my question to the whole group. Ha anyone found a easier way to print a participants list, convert it etc. We could just copy the name from the dashboard list but we need not just the name but also the email adress and company. Could that be presented at the arrow instead of just the name?

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Hi can you choose to display the event calendar for only certain months or years. The calendar on this page!calendar
expands indefinatly

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Hi - can you explain or link to the page where this is explained.

Can this be used to give each event a certain unique page? And how?
I.e do we have to create the page first or is it cretaed by auto.


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I aHave used the widget on this page
At the right side but it dosen't show the start time only the end time!

I have found that you can choose what to show either start - end or both. And I have chosen start - then lookade at the page, checked the settings agian but i only shows the end time.


What is wrong?

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Hi - Can I in some way choose which part from the event info that will show up when I share to facebook?

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Hi - Guess I have made som wrong settings but I can't change the date for the membership renewal. It get set to the date when I worked with the member account.

Hi can I create custom fields that contains an URL that will be shown as clickable.

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Can't show event page - Suspecting i has to do with our Swedish letters
Å Ä Ö.

This is the resulted link: But it can't show so therefore it is auto redirected to our first page.

I guess the event link is created based on the event title but could i set the permalink to something else?

With out this event function we will have some problems so I'm hoping for a solution.!event/2016/5/17/l-228-r-dig-att-n-228-tverka-p-229-riktigt-och-f-229-fler-aff-228-rer
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