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Shae Barry
The way to my heart is probably through okonomiyaki.
The way to my heart is probably through okonomiyaki.

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The Actual Diary Bit Vol. 5 | January 16th to January 22nd
Monday, January 16th || I had my interview today! I had to drive for about half an hour or so to get to the place, but I don't mind this because it's far enough from where I live that I shouldn't be running into anyone outside of work hours. It's awkward wh...

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The Actual Diary Bit, Vol. 4 | 9th Jan to 15th Jan
Monday, January 9th || Monday was a good, busy day, blogwise. I'd spent the night before making a To Do list, at the top of which was editing a whole heap of photos. I got that done, and managed to fix up a couple of posts, but I forgot to hit "Publish"! Oh...

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Lip Monthly | December 2016 (The Final One)
Here it is, guys: my final Lip Monthly post ever . Granted, I've not been the best at posting about my deliveries, what with the hectic year I had last year, but as I'm pretty happy with what I received in my final bag, I may as well give a service overview...

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The Actual Diary Bit, Vol. 3 | 2nd Jan to 8th Jan
Monday, January 2nd || What a way to kick off the new year!! I decided at 12.30am that it would be a great idea to look for some stickers on Etsy for my planner -- and I kept browsing and adding stuff to my cart until almost 5am . I knew it was time to shut...

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That Personal Update | A Check-in on my 2016 Goals
It's been really busy over here in my personal world. I finished my Masters degree in June. I was completely mentally burnt out, so I went on holiday for a while. I started working two jobs in October, and it got to the point where I was working six days a ...

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What I Got For Christmas: 2016 Edition
I think, for those who celebrate it, Christmas is more or less the same thing: getting together with your family members, eating loads of delicious food, having more fun with everyone than you'd have at any other point in the year, and, at some point, excha...

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Japan Haul Pt 2 | Stuff, Glorious Stuff!
Going to Japan, I had one thing and one thing only on my personal shopping list: makeup. Yes, makeup might mean dozens and dozens of items, but it really was the only thing I had any interest in purchasing for myself. I knew there were items from brands lik...

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Lip Monthly | September 2016 (Weirdest. Stuff. Yet.)
It's been quite a while since my last Lip Monthly post -- the first half of 2016 was so insanely busy that blogging obviously slowed down, and the last couple of months have also been busy for me. Busy in the sense that I've needed a break from everything a...

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Book Swap with Aoife from Pretty Purple Polka Dots!
I don't often talk about books on the blog, mainly because I love chattering on too much and my posts would be longer than my thesis. I haven't quite worked out the way in which I want to talk about the books I read or the TV shows I watch -- I'll get there...

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Japan Haul Pt 1 | Makeup Goodies Everywhere!
If you're a makeup addict -- hell, I don't even think you need to be an addict -- then arguably one of the greatest priorities you'll have when going overseas is getting your paws on the goods that you just can't find at home. Whether it's different product...
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