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This looks like an excellent setting that could be easily tweaked to run with DCC. Glynn Seal does excellent work and the bestiary, illustrations, and text he's been sharing are phenomenal. It's not funded yet, but it's close.
The Midderlands and Why You Should Jump On This Kickstarter
Hey folks! I'm writing today to share with you a Kickstarter that I want to see fund. I'm talking about "The Midderlands" campaign from +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) . Glynn recently gave me a preview copy of the book and let me tell you, this thing hits...

Spears of the Dawn and Low Fantasy Gaming from +John Marron arrived quickly and in excellent shape, despite my shameful delay in paying for them.

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For anyone interested in an excellent system-neutral hexcrawl, this just kickstarted. Good art, writing almost done, and an interesting weird island campaign just waiting to be cracked open. I've been pulling stuff from the zines the creator put out previously for various campaigns and it works nicely.

Received an excellently packaged and shipped box from +Gilbert Isla this evening. Great communication on the shipment, too. Thank you, sir!

Received a couple sets of Gamescience dice from +R.J. Thompson. Kudos to him for the rapid shipping and good condition. Now to spend some time painting in the numbers...

Thanks to +Charlie Mason for the well-packed set of pirate-y goodness.

Thanks to +Ron Yonts for a well-packed delivery of various items.

Many thanks to +Jay Hassan for quick shipment and an excellent copy of The Arduin Trilogy to add to my teetering pile of reading!

Had a great time this weekend intermittently listening to Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry being played through by the local "DCC Players Club", consisting of my 9 year old, Bjorn, running it for his friend and my 7 year old, Tor. Friend is a first-time gamer. Bjorn ran him all the way through character creation and the funnel. The other two have run through NPPP before with me judging, but I heard Bjorn making adjustments and changes on the fly to cope with his brother's metagaming tendencies. Very proud. Wish I'd gotten pics, but I never think of it until it's too late...

Kudos to +Ron Yonts for delivery of an excellently packaged and wrapped set of Call of Cthulhu and DCC materials! Thanks once again!
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