The first creature

Al-Shaikh Muhammad Naser Ad-Deen Al-Albani in the chain of authentic hadith - hadith no.(133): "The first thing that Allah created was the pen, and He ordered it to write everything that will be."

In that hadith there is an indication for replying what people say nowadays, until it became a creed that is deeply rooted in the hearts of many of them, and that is; An-Noor Al-Muhammady (referring to Muhammad peace be upon him) is the first thing that Allah - Exalted be He- created, and that is based upon no truth what so ever. And the Hadith traced back to Abd Al-Razzak is of unknown chain of narrators, and maybe we will talk about it in details in the weak aheedth insha'Allah (if Allah wills).

And in it (the hadith) there is an answer for those who say that the Throne is the first creation, and there is no evidence to support their view from the prophetic sayings, But those who said so (like Ibn Taymiyyah), said it based on their own diligence and conclusions, so taking this hadith and others with the same meaning is more accurate, because it is an evidence in the matter, and there is no diligence if there was an evidence; as it is well known.

And interpreting it by that the pen is the first creation after the Throne is wrong, because that is only valid if there was a clear evidence that proves that the throne is the first of All creations, and among which is the pen, but in our case - where there is no such evidence- then we cannot interpret it in this way.

And it also is a reply for those who say that there isn't a beginning for events, and that there is no creature except that there is a creature before it, and so on, till what has no beginning, so that it can never be said; that this is the first creature. The Hadith we mentioned nullify this claim and states that the pen is the first creature, and it is with no doubtfully unprecedented.

And Ibn Taymiyyah elongated in answering the philosophers; trying to proof that events has no beginning, and he came up with things that the brain wonder while reading it, and that is not accepted by the hearts, until his opponents accused him that he says the creatures are old and there is not a beginning for it, though he clearly states that; there is not a creature except that it is precedent by Nothingness. Nevertheless he says, that all events are chained back to what has no beginning, As also is said by him and others, that things are chained to what has no ending! And that saying from him; is unaccepted, in fact it is rejected based on this Hadith, And how much did we wish that he (Ibn Taymiyyah) wouldn't have got in to this talk, because what he said is close to philosophy and the science of talk that we have learned from him to stay away from it and be careful, But Imam Malik was truthful when he said: "None of us except that has been answered, except the owner of this tomb (peace be upon him)"

Alyaa El-Kafrawy
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