Dear Google,

I am using a pseudonym.

The pseudonym you see me using above, it is not for my safety. It is not for my privacy. It is an act of civil disobedience. I do this to criticize your suspension practices and to burden your agents in their errand of harassment.

I do not approve of your forbidding of pseudonyms and discrimination against those who cannot use your service safely without that accomodation.

I do not approve of your deceitful inconsistency between your published rules and the rules you enforced.

I do not approve of your lack of due process for suspended accounts.

I do not approve of your driving away many of the most vital and interesting people from this service.

I do not approve of your "Vice President, Product Management" +Bradley Horowitz 's broken promises of notification before suspension and a grace period to change one's name.

I do not approve of your corporate mendacity.

Above all, I do not approve of your abuse of power. The disdain you have demonstrated for your userbase, for their safety, their privacy, and their legitimate concerns, for any favorable opinion they might have held for you, for any duty to communicate openly and honestly with those who entrust you with their data, for those whom you have wronged by alienating them from their personal intellectual property and not restoring promptly to them what is theirs, for even your now abandoned aspiration "Don't be evil" -- all these betoken an arrogance in the employment of what power we users have allowed you to have over us.

I have considered simply deleting my account, but after due contemplation, I've decided that if you want my account silenced, you can suspend it yourself. While I may be in violation of your "Content Policy", I am doing nothing morally wrong and maintain my right to continue using your service using the name of my choice.

You, Google, are the party doing evil. You change.

Dear Everybody Else,

What will probably happen (based on other cases) is this:

Either Google will suspend this account (with or without also suspending the associated gmail account), or it will for the first time (not holding my breath here) [ETA: +Gary Walker informs me he got a warning!] issue a warning that I have to make my name confirm to the CP or they will suspend it. They promised to eventually start doing this latter, but as of the most recent suspensions I know of (yesterday) they weren't doing that. and we have some evidence they are giving warnings, but it's not clear if this is standard practice yet.

Whether this account is suspended or I am merely given a grace period to conform, Google will require that I change my name on this account to something I can prove is "real". This I will not do, as a matter of principle. I do not agree that I should have to "prove" my name is mine. I believe I have the right to call myself as I will.

Note that if given a grace period (or even if not) I will be changing my name back to "Siderea B." Note that, because it contains a period ("."), it will trigger the nymbanner algorithm. At which point it will almost certainly be suspended. Note this well if your name, too, is Spartacus.
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