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Jake Gassel
Adding a bit of surrealism to your day ..... occasionally
Adding a bit of surrealism to your day ..... occasionally

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Finally setting this up. Still in progress but just a heads up :)

Yay, new blood pressure medication :)
Doc:"Lets try a beta blocker"
Me:"Hell ya, lets block the shit outta those fuckin beta's. I'll crush them and their families if I have too. I want to hear the lamentation of their women"
Doc:"???????????? whaaaaaaat thhhhe ffffff"
Me:"Sorry, i'll go back to being quiet now"

In the heart of the stereotypical Chicano hood, in my personal vehicle, I see a white guy frantically waving his thumb for a ride with one hand and carrying an actual roping lasso in the other. I have a gun, he has a rope, I decide to pick up my first ever hitch hiker. I immediately recognize the Eau de Junky as he gets in my truck. He thanks me profusely and asks to be dropped off at the nearest bus station to not be too much of an inconvenience. He rambled on a bit then when I asked about the rope he said "I figure if i teach these little fuckers to rope maybe they wont shoot each other." I have no idea what else he said cause i was laughing so hard.

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A 2 string guitar + a stomp box + soul = WIN!!

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Redneck, biker, trucker sensibilities in a rap style. I can no longer, with good conscience, say I don't listen to rap.

Sorry to everyone about the lack of communication. Dad is going back into the hospital soon for more heart surgery. He had 2 more heart attacks and now they are going to replace some stints and possibly do a bypass or 3. Continuing complications and work concerns are weighing heavily on me so I have mostly just been trying to research things and decompress. Oh and falling asleep in the shower is a bad idea ....

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Free to play MMO coming out later this year based on Mechwarrior ....... pardon me while i go clean up, i just had a gamergazm.

So many odd thoughts, I don't know what to do with them.

Short version to update everyone = Dad had another heart attack with some ongoing complications, then I had a cyst grow in my eye lid that I had removed ...... and the new Ghost Rider is an abomination. Back to your regularly scheduled melancholy :)

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