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There’s a severe lack of Howard the Duck in this!

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Worldspinner automatically generates the blazon for each heraldic device, based on the classical heraldic language. Historically, blazons allowed heralds to imagine what a coat of arms looks like without seeing it. This one, for example, is “jaune d'or a serpents entwined argent in full, per bend gules."

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The Fatal Gate, the second book in the Gates of Good & Evil series from Ian Irvine, is now available! In case you didn't know, the popular and prolific author also wrote The Curse of the Summonstone premium adventure theme for us.

Go grab a copy!

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Here's the adventure map of Leon’s Star Circus from Mur Lafferty's Story Hoard, illustrated by Flavio Hickel.

The Circus is a roving show that features “amazingly talented animals and jaw-dropping feats and illusions.”

“Leon is always looking for new talent to add to his act, but doesn’t want to hassle of training the animals to do tricks for him. Instead, he uses magic to transform his patrons into animals and forces them to perform for him.”
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Elizabeth Bear's Vanquished Land adventure theme revolves around the lost city of Kiliath Ur, and the University obsessed with studying it. It combines elements of horror and whimsy, and is probably best suited for adventurers who enjoy character exploration, problem-solving, and exploring mysteries as well as thrilling combat with strange beasts in exotic locations.

Centuries ago, the city of Kiliath Ur was utterly destroyed. No one knows exactly what happened, or how.

It had been the teeming capital of a seafaring kingdom, thriving in a rich valley where a great river ran into a bay. Today valley is a barren wasteland, poisoned and blasted with foul magic, roamed by monsters, where no sane person ventures.

The lost city of Kiliath Ur was recently rediscovered. That finding spawned a new age of exploration as researchers in the budding science of archeology race to stake their claims on its ancient wonders.

But there are rumors of great artifacts and lost technologies there that an intrepid band of adventurers could reclaim, and there are valuable scientific discoveries to be made among the rocks and ruins as well.
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The 700 Lordly Houses Adventure Theme by +Wolfgang Baur adds adds six major lordly houses and a host of lesser houses and their rulers, webs of alliances, intrigues, clashes, and politics to your game.

Your adventurers will learn the art of acquiring power, and will cast bitter rivals into ruin and disgrace. Inevitably, they will be pulled into alliance with one or more houses, making allies and enemies alike, and their actions may put them at the head of their own lordly house. But remember, the higher the house, the further the fall!

See more at
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Worldspinner is a living tool, allowing your worlds and your maps to evolve as you run your fantasy campaign. Worldpsinner generates entire worlds, but when using them in your game we suggest starting small, and fleshing out only what you need.

For example, let’s say your game begins in the mountain village of Snodbeer. You can click on the city to see its details. There are already four possible plots there, and a set of rumors for inspiration. You can also add notes for yourself regarding significant NPCs and ideas for upcoming adventures.

You can then use the printable maps page to give your players an idea of the immediate vicinity for exploration. While in Tillot’s Inn, perhaps, they are given a small hand-drawn map from a local trapper – a map you create, download, print and hand to the players at the next session.

Looking at the map (see below), perhaps they want to explore the old wizard’s tower at the top of a that peak to the North, or maybe the recent string of kidnappings leads them to the bandit camp at the opening of the valley. Perhaps they’ve met with traders from the capital, White Ellennyd. Maybe they’ve learned that a noble seeks to overthrow the Sheriff of the Halfling capital Exter End to the South. Their initial adventures are likely to be local in nature, so a local map serves them well.

With a few sessions under their belt, the players have now met many of the local powers and explored the region more thoroughly. After they rescue a noblewoman of Breeland (they realize they’ve just learned the name of their own country!), she gifts the heroes with an artist’s painted map of the region (see below), colloquially known as the Towering Coast due to the 100 ft. limestone cliffs that plunge into the sea.

As they grow in power and become more well-known in the lands on either side of the Cheerless Sea, the adventurers become embroiled in larger plots and politics. The Lizardfolk nation of Kaikuhcac is at war with the Celtic nation of Altum. The party is asked to serve as envoys for their home nation of Breeland, tasked with negotiating a trade policy with Altum to keep them out of the conflict. Now the map you share with your players (see below) shows the various rivals to supremacy in the broader area.

Worldspinner makes it easy to create new and updated maps to show broader areas, focus in on a new center of interest, or show changes to the map as key points of interest are discovered. The three shown here are just some of hundreds that could be of interest for this particular group.

#Worldspinner #FantasyMaps #RPG #DnD #worldbuilding #cartography
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What good is a world without heroes?

We asked those who backed the Worldspinner Kickstarter campaign to consider the many fantasy characters they’ve played over the years, and share their favorite. They provided a wide range including charming rogues, enigmatic wizards, steely-eyed holy warriors, uncannily-fortunate ship captains, and doomed swordsmen.

These Legendary Heroes live in your worlds, and may appear in a variety of ways. Some monuments, temples, and towers are named after them, while others are remembered for their incredible deeds of valor.

Each nation in your world has seen heroes come and go, and the people of those lands keep their memory alive in songs and the history books. Clicking on any nation will reveal the heroic, infamous, and tragic stories of these heroes. Here are some of our favorites.

Year 420 A Greek hero arises: Andronis Stephanopoulos.
Year 428 Andronis Stephanopoulos saves a school full of orphans from burning to death.
Year 433 Andronis Stephanopoulos creates a valuable new plant species from crossbreeding.
Year 435 Andronis Stephanopoulos is immortalized in an epic poem.
Year 457 Andronis Stephanopoulos is mistaken for someone else and killed by bounty hunters.

Year 511 A hero arises: Izlamza Beoulve.
Year 517 Izlamza Beoulve saves the Queen during a riot, and becomes her bodyguard.
Year 527 Izlamza Beoulve reconciles the King and Queen, who had not spoken in years.
Year 532 Izlamza Beoulve retires from adventuring after taking an arrow to the knee.

Year 1898 A Human hero arises: Nanok the Blade.
Year 1912 Nanok the Blade is captured by a djinni, and makes a thrilling escape.
Year 1940 Nanok the Blade spearheads a coup against the evil King, placing a far better man on the throne.
Year 1944 Nanok the Blade is executed as a traitor.

Year 1291 A Halfling hero arises: Haimo son of Tuini.
Year 1298 Haimo son of Tuini brings back amazing tales from the wilderness.
Year 1305 Haimo son of Tuini loses an arm to a bandit king.
Year 1313 Haimo son of Tuini retires from adventuring after taking an arrow to the knee.

Legendary heroes such as these are not just dry history, either. They can provide all sorts of narrative devices in your games, and they aid in worldbuilding by tying current events to a longer backstory.

Allies and adversaries can invoke heroes to persuade others to their cause. A hero’s relic might be the only thing that can stop a villain’s rise to power. Perhaps the great-great-great grandchild of a hero has raised an army against a nation’s unjust ruler. While the citizens of the capital may venerate a particular hero, those living in a nearby mountain town may have a very different view. You can read more about how you can use heroes in your world on our GM’s Guide to Worldspinner page:

Have heroes had an influence on your world, your game? We’d love to hear about the heroes of your games, whether they appeared in Worldspinner or not!
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Worldspinner is much more than a world creation tool, as it is filled with hundreds of detailed adventure opportunities designed for a wide range of different player-characters. Our Premium Adventure Themes allow you to drop in an inter-related set of locations, adventure hooks, and rumors written by notable science fiction and fantasy authors. Those that love hexcrawls, old-school adventuring, and wilderness exploration will certainly enjoy Denizens of the Wild by Bill Webb and Matt Finch of +Frog God Games.

Matt Finch is the Ennie Award winning game designer of Swords and Wizardry and author of Quick Primer for Old School Gaming, and he's crafted eighteen custom Points of Interest and Plot Points to populate your world. This adventure theme provides a broad range of engaging adventure opportunities for novice adventurers, veteran heroes, and characters in-between. They cover a range of biomes and geography, and feature a menagerie of memorable characters and monsters with their own ideas of how life works outside the city walls.

Explorers, scholars, and tomb-raiders certainly shine in this Adventure Theme; and as always, they need the support of a strong sword-arm, a talented spell-caster and a silver-tongued speaker. Ruined cities, trap-filled dungeons, strange monkey-cults, and black-magic reefs; hucksters and con artists, strange tribes and eloquent liches – they are all brought to life with at least one piece of art in each of the eighteen elements within this Adventure Theme.

#Worldspinner #FantasyMaps #RPG #roleplaying #tabletop
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