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Extrusion Equipment — Designed to work. Built to last.
Extrusion Equipment — Designed to work. Built to last.

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What the hookah? Diamond America has the answer.

A premium hookah shisha brand, located on the West Coast, approached Diamond America asked to design an automated extrusion process that will form the shape of the material, consistently trim at specified lengths, and then bag the finished product.
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Aerospace Materials Manufacturer Turns to Diamond America

A company that manufactures coatings for the aeronautical industry looked to Diamond America recently to develop a catalyst extrusion process to replace the plastic extruders they were currently using.

Customized Solutions for Ceramic Extrusion

When producing custom ceramic materials, consistency in the extrusion process is critical. Diamond America is currently consulting a manufacturer of acid-proof ceramic bricks and wafers seeking consistent output of their products and increased life of their extrusion components.  Read the story here:

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Diamond America Delivers Seamless, Cost-savings Solution

A manufacturer of a caulk free peel-and-stick trim for bathtubs, showers and countertops was looking for an improved extrusion process to both upgrade their product and eliminate third-party costs. Previously, the caulking tape was composed of two separate pieces — butyl and adhesive tape. Diamond America engineered a heated, precision application process that allowed for the butyl to be formed inline with the tape in a single V-shape. Read the entire article here:

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Diamond America Answers Customer’s Call to Scale New Heights

What once took a crane and weeks of time-intensive labor — not to mention costly downtime — is now a seamless process. Diamond America’s customer in the catalyst industry has an extruder spanning three decks that required regular maintenance due to heavy wear of components. A complete disassembly was required, often resulting in days, if not weeks, that the extruder was off-line.

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Ceramics Manufacturer Looks to Diamond America for Extrusion Improvements

Diamond America was recently called in to consult a manufacturer of acid-proof brick and ceramic packing media. The customer was looking to improve its extrusion process to for better consistency of output while reducing downtime to complete persistent maintenance. Our research and analysis of the customer’s process led us to recommend several design and equipment improvements. Read the full story:

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Diamond America recently completed the design and remanufacture of a competitor’s extruder gearbox for a manufacturing firm in the petro-chemical catalyst industry.

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Diamond America has expanded its already extensive extrusion die service offering by assuming the engineering responsibilities of its sister company, Akron Tool & Die. Recognizing the changing market demands and applications its extrusion equipment customers were experiencing, Diamond America sought to enhance its extrusion die technology through expansion of its own capabilities. The assumption of Akron Tool & Die’s engineering services will meet current customer demand and provide new business opportunities in the catalyst, mastics, food and plastics industries. 

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Diamond America offers remanufacturing services for extruders of all makes. Improvements to the design and engineering are made as needed to increase functionality and performance. One such project was recently completed as Diamond America remanufactured an OEM Hopper and Gearcase for an extrusion equipment customer.
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