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William L. Weaver
Ranger. Scouting the Adjacent Possible.
Ranger. Scouting the Adjacent Possible.

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Single Handedly Bringing the Boy Band Back

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Everybody's Hawking

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Dance Dance Convolution
Scientists have taught a neural network to choreograph Dance Dance Revolution levels

Creating levels for video game franchise Dance Dance Revolution is a time-consuming task. The step charts used by the game are essentially choreographic scores, instructing players where to place their feet in time with the music. Usually they’re written by hand, either by the game’s developers or fans using open-source DDR port StepMania. Now, though, computer engineers have created a quicker way to generate step charts for any song — using the power of neural networks. In a paper published this week (with the quite brilliant title Dance Dance Convolution), a trio of researchers from the University of California describe training a neural network to generate new step charts. Neural networks study data to analyze patterns and then create similar-looking outputs, and in this case, there was an abundant source of data in the form of fan-written step charts.

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Infrared LI-FI Enables 42-Gbps Streaming

Researchers have come up with a new type of li-fi that uses infrared light instead, and it’s reportedly already cracked 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) in early testing. If you look at the world’s fastest wifi router having a speed of 2.167 Gbps
This technology will change our LAN and wireless environment with mind blowing speed up to 40 Gbps

till now its on testing but sooner or latter wifi become a old technology just like HDD over SDD 

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IBM Watson and Soul Machines Present Embodied Cognition

Placing a Human Face on Machine Intelligence.

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A Little Beauty & The Beast Mania

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The Future of Runways May Be Circular

The main feature of the circular runway is that it will become possible to let an aircraft operate always at landing and take-off with headwind. Whatever its strength and direction, the Endless Runway becomes independent of the wind. When allowing limited crosswind, airspace users can shorten the global trajectory of the flights through optimized departure and arrival routes.

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Sign Up for the US Navy MMOWGLI

Help the Navy design for the Post-Singularity World.

Massively Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet.
Sign Up Here:

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Hullo? Google+ Activity has Taken a Dive

Is Google+ preparing for an upcoming giant Google I/O relaunch in May? My Google+ feed has nosedived to a trickle from 1500+ encircled follows and my Google Notification Bell is silent. Hmmm...

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Determination of 3D Active Genome Structures

Most people are familiar with the well-known 'X' shape of chromosomes, but in fact chromosomes only take on this shape when the cell divides. Using their new approach, the researchers have now been able to determine the structures of active chromosomes inside the cell, and how they interact with each other to form an intact genome. This is important because knowledge of the way DNA folds inside the cell allows scientists to study how specific genes, and the DNA regions that control them, interact with each other. The genome's structure controls when and how strongly genes - particular regions of the DNA - are switched 'on' or 'off'. This plays a critical role in the development of organisms and also, when it goes awry, in disease.
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