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Everyone that recently cancelled their orders were more than happy to purchase the Greedo shoots, Jedi Rocks, Vader no longer saying “Bring my shuttle,” galaxy wide celebration Jedi ending, music mixed too low during the Battle of Yavin, beaked sarlaac, Jabba in docking bay 94, Han’s changed dialog at Karkoon, Oola’s reaction to the Rancor special editions. My confusion lies in the fact that, everyone was outraged, OUTRAGED with these changes when they were originally released, but now they are acceptable? Give me a break.
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Didn't buy those. Won't buy these. Outrage is the same no matter what. If someone defaced an original Picasso painting, the outrage would be immediate and universal because that is socially accepted as true art. Movies are some bastard abomination that "don't matter" so "who cares" if one person that helped create the overall product decides that the work of the other artists involved simply isn't important anymore? I have no issue with existence of these idiotic bastardizations of the original trilogy. My anger lies in the fact I can't buy a version of the original films with no changes in any way shape or form. Its an aspect of my childhood that Lucas doesn't allow me to fully partake in because he's a pompous douche bag. Yes I can watch a shitty VHS of them but I saw empire in theaters. That's the memory I want to revisit. 
He released those versions with the DVDs. If you want remastered versions with 5.1 sound, you aren't getting the "original versions." Lucas has been tinkering with the films since the very first re-release of Star Wars in 1978. Adding Episode IV to the beginning of A New Hope was the very first edit.

I can understand not wanting to buy them, but is it really worth everyone's time to get all pissed off? We knew that the originals were off the table in 1998. Why is this still an argument? Aren't there better thing to be mad about? At the end of the day, what matters more, added dialog, or real life? I'm not complainging about people like you and me, I'm talking about the uber nerds that think this actually matters in some way. Like their life is RUINED by these changes. The same way the Special Edition ruined their lives. Lucas created the world, and as artists, directors and actors have said in the past, "We are lucky enough to play in it." (Paraphrased.)

I've changed my art after I signed it. And, if Picasso or Rembrandt wanted to touch up a painting after it was in a museum, who cares? It's kind of a false equivalency though, because once oil paints dry, changes are very difficult to match to the original. Blending isn't an option. A lot of artists painted over work they already finished, because they couldn't afford supplies. It's their artwork, who are we to stop them? People are saying that they are going to boycott Lucas because of these changes. Well, if you think about it, it hurts a lot more people than Lucas. There are hundreds of people that get residual checks from these movies, and I appreciate all the work they put into it and I would like to have the clearest best looking version available. So, I will buy them.

I see the Star Wars movies as living films, much like Walt Disney envisioned with Fantasia. I'm fascinated with the advances in technology and how they can be applies to a 35 year old movie. I'm still reserving judgement until I watch them for myself. It could all be clever trolling.

I see your point, and I don't want to argue with you, but I just have some very strong feelings about this, as I know you do as well.
No god dammit, we're gonna fight! I only get mad when people marginalize my feelings about all this. The only problem I have with what he put on the DVDs is it's a widescreen matte so it's going to look like shit on my TV. I have rips of the laserdisc editions and they look just awful.

The best analog to what he's done with the original trilogy will always be colorizing black and white films to me. Again, though, I don't care how many times he changes it. I just wish he'd give us a nice pristine transfer of the original trilogy and yes, I'll take it in plain old stereo.

At the end of the day, when I'm done being mad, I just get sad. Lucas has taken a universe that I used to adore and basically made me stop caring about it.

Also, I think we qualify as uber nerds as much as anyone does or we would have no feelings about this. We are just rational enough to know that this only deserves a tiny bit of emotion in the grand scheme of life or even film. 
Heeeeeey... That's not a fight! :) We'll get the original version eventually. And, I honestly think they are ready to go. I think he's just waiting for his ex-wife to pass so she can't profit on them. I firmly believe that it's not a slight directed at the fans, but a giant "F-YOU" to his ex wife.
Sadly, I'm just waiting for Lucas to die. Then hopefully the originals will be released. Not a big fan, but would just like to see the films as I remember them. Lucas had better keep his paws off Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I am terrified of what will happen to it if someone else gets a hold if the rights to the story (not the films themselves.) REBOOT! Star Wars Episode IV: A Mumblecore Hope.
Why would you care about a reboot? You still have the originals.....kinda. :p
See, that's my theory on the special editions. I watched the DVD versions of the OT yesterday. They look fine, anamorphic or not. But, if it were remade, it would lose all it's charm for me, like almost all reboots. It's a product of it's time and that can't be recaptured. And, who could adequately replace Mark Hammill? It would be like recasting Ghostbusters or Scarface for a reboot.
Yeah, fuck Al Pacino, there's no replacing Edward G Robinson. I'm sure that's what you meant.
Dude, c'mon, "look fine, anamorphic or not"? 10 years ago, yeah ok, but do they really look fine all stretched or a box in a box on a 16x9 tv in standard def? I know your passion for Star Wars overrides logic and you will defend it regardless, but take a breath and step back.
I watched them on my computer, so it doesn't really fall into that area. And, I could still see garbage mattes around a lot of the starships, ships flying through other ships, mis-colored light sabers, cheesy off the shelf creatures in the cantina, missing effects, and see through snowspeeders and rebel transports on Hoth, among other things.

The changes are fine, the movies are still 99% what there were in the initial release. The characters are still the same, and the plot isn't any different. I just can't get worked up about these changes. (At least until I see them for myself.) Give me about 12 hours and we'll see. Like I've always said, I have to see it to judge it.
And, yeah, maybe Scarface was not the best choice, but how many people really know it's a re-make ?
I own the original scarface on DVD but I've never sat down and watched it. Found it in a pawn shop for three bucks
You know what? Star Wars is just a re-boot/re-hash anyway. So, moot point, I guess.
That new "Noooooooo!" Vader says when he saves Luke is bullshit. As a film fan it's insulting. It would be like dubbing "Let's go kick some ass" into the final walk scene in "The Wild Bunch". It doesn't need to be said, or explained.

It's funny you don't get worked up, but spend so much time defending this stuff. You don't see me defending the American Godzilla movie or anything Argento has done in the past 15 years. :P

Yes, Scarface was not the best choice. Leave it at that. People's ignorance is no excuse.
I think it all came from the absolute hate I had been reading, and not just about Star Wars. No one is ever happy. About anything. Maybe it's the circles I associate with, but no one can ever seem to just enjoy anything anymore. Since I had my kids and now have a job that I really like and am appreciated at, I think my view on things has changed. I don't get mad anymore. Sure, I can during a review, but it doesn't last beyond that.

I wanted to be a positive voice in the hurricane of negativity. Partly to see if I could do it with out losing my cool, and partly because it's still Star Wars and those movies were instrumental in my childhood. I can't wait for the 3D versions so we can all go to the theater as a family and I can have the same experience that my Dad did when he took me to see them.

Ultimately, I think that's why I defend them, I'm about to hand the torch to my children.
Thanks for explaining. Totally understand about negativity in fandoms. In the past few years I've just stopped reading and participating in that kind of stuff. It just took the fun I'm happy to have critical reviews, in order to make informed decisions, but am not going to pile on or get worked up.
It's kinda funny that with you Star Wars seems to serve as something to pass to the next generation, a role that, traditionally, religion would take.
Considering the only difference between religion, mythology and pure fiction is the fact that fiction is known to be made up from the beginning and thereby never mistaken for truth, I would say that calling Star Wars "mythology" isn't totally unfounded. 
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