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Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology
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Our statewide Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS) means that a firefighter can radio another firefighter without having to compete with the voice network you use to call your girlfriend and listen to each other breathe at night. Check out our new infographic and read more on the ‪#‎StateofCO‬ IT blog:
It’s 2016, and you’re tired of your job. We can help!
Visit to check out our jobs and apply online.
Are you planning to participate in Go Code Colorado’s 2016 app challenge? If so, check out our interview with one of the winning teams from 2015 for some great advice! 
#OpenData #GoCodeCo #GovTech #Innovation #AppChallenge  
Great News: with the help of Compute Colorado and partners, Colorado will be able to increase the number and diversity of Colorado students pursuing IT jobs. Check out the article to learn more!
#StateofCO #ITJobs #GovTech 
Colorado will Increase the Number & Diversity of Colorado Students Pursuing Tech
How well is #Colorado managed? Find out where Colorado ranks among other states in the country. It’s pretty good!
#RockyMountains #Denver #Jobs  
To determine how well states are managed, they examined key financial ratios, as well as social and economic outcomes.
This. Is. Awesome. We all know the importance of reducing our negative impact on the planet, but government isn’t always the first one to arrive at the party -- so we love this big ‪#‎StateofCO‬ step.

Gov. John W. Hickenlooper signed Executive Order D 2015-013 exactly three months ago to establish responsibility for environmental leadership in all Colorado state agencies and departments. Read all about it on the blog!
Hot off the press! Check out our fresh and ready FY15 Annual Report.
Start the new year with a new job! Check out some of the incredible job opportunities we have available: 
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Looking for a tech job? IT positions are going to be hot in 2016. Many Colorado companies plan to add new tech positions next year. Check it out!
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Our new state broadband portal offers Coloradans tools and resources that will improve their broadband experience. Check it out! 
#Colorado #Broadband #GovTech
Colorado unveiled a new online portal that lets Colorado citizens check the status of broadband in their area.
Google Apps is changing the way we work, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with others. Find out how the State of Colorado utilizes Google Apps: #GovTech #StateofCO #GoogleApps  
#StateofCO CIO Suma Nallapati, encourages state IT workers to incorporate security into every part of their jobs. Check out this article from Statescoop to hear more on what she had to say.
#GovTech #CyberSecurity  
Chief Information Officer Suma Nallapati describes how she’s working to foster cyber collaboration among state IT leaders.
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Contact info
601 E. 18th Ave. Suite 250 Denver, CO 80203
Serving people serving Colorado
The Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) strives to impact the lives of all Coloradans to create a safer, happier and healthier state. 

What We Do
We work to empower the State of Colorado with flexible technology that will drive sustainable and intelligent business decisions. We envision a future where the end-user experience shapes design, and data analytics transform how state government serves its residents.

How We Do It
  • Build on the basics with cutting edge technology
  • Secure Colorado through innovation
  • Empower, engage, and energize our employees
  • Strengthen Colorado’s tech landscape
We are the Governor’s Office of Information Technology -- serving people serving Colorado.