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Paul Russell
Father, husband, geek, musician & part time pirate. Aarrg!
Father, husband, geek, musician & part time pirate. Aarrg!

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This new google plus integration with the other google services would be fantastic if there were more people on google plus.

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Great Review of Zombies, Run! now on Google Glass! I'm going to have to try this out.

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Funny and also a great performance. Ben Folds - Star Wars Cantina Band Bonus Footage:

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Sped up my nexus 5 a bunch last night with this tip. From the article:

Once you have access to Developer options, simply scroll until you find the following three settings, which may be located on the main screen or within an “Advanced” subsection:

Window animation scale
Transition animation scale
Animator animation scale

Tapping each of the three aforementioned settings will reveal that it’s set to “1x” by default. If you want to speed up your phone or tablet dramatically, simply change each of those three settings to “.5x” — that’s it.


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Merry Christmas!

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I Ate A Barnacle
Two barnacles if I'm being totally honest. It happened while I was on a business trip in Portugal, struggling to adjust to the time zone, and someone said "Here try a barnacle." Apparently a little jet lag is all it takes to break down my defenses. That and...

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Conner's Class Trip - Hike Up Mt. Wachusett
Back in October I took a day off to hike up Mt. Wachusett with Conner's class. We took a more direct route than we did when  Alex and I did the hike with his class . On the way up Conner was thrilled to discover a white spotted caterpillar. He took care of ...

Evaded 3 zombies, ran down a traitor , and recovered the stolen data disks. Not bad for a Friday morning. #runner5 @ZombiesRunGame 

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