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Make America Great Again (In the Category of Mean What You Say)
WARNING: This post contains frequent use of the F-word and other
expletives. Many other expletives. CAVEAT: If you voted for Trump, but the state you live in went blue,
this post is not about you because your vote didn’t count. If you recant , your crimes

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Stargazing (In the Category of Want What You Have)
You guys! You guys! You guys! (You can tell I'm a military brat because I said it three times.) I saw a shooting star! I made a wish. You can probably guess what it was. I've star-gazed my entire life. As a child, awake when I was supposed to be asleep, in ...

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Hidden History (In the Category of Say What You Mean)
I wanted to be an astronaut when I was little girl. I have always loved the stars, and the idea of floating among them enthralled me. My dad quickly dashed my ambitions when I shared them, though. "You have to have 20/20 vision, Flea." (Dad called me Flea, ...

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Used to a View (In the Category of Be Where You Are)
When we bought the house in 2003, the large Bradford Pear tree  that dominated the backyard didn’t mean much to me. It was a Bradford Pear,
ubiquitous, non-native – it suited the purposes of birds and squirrels – and our
cats. It obscured our view of the ne...

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Bucket List (In the Category of Say What You Mean)
“White. A blank page or canvas. His favorite. So many
possibilities.” – A Sunday In the Park
with George Note the lovely purple border around the painting and the beautiful orange of the dress to the left. I fell in love with the paintings of Georges Seurat...

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The Magnolia Inn and Saloon (Inspired by Concrete Blonde’s “Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man”)
(Another short story originally published on In Sixteen Bars , this story was one of the most fun to write. See what you think. Would you dare to spend the night?) ***** The Magnolia Inn and Saloon (A short story by Kim Norris) There’s always someone here...

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Shooting Star (Inspired by Elton John’s “Island Girl”)
(Here's another short story I wrote for the ezine, In Sixteen bar s. It takes place on a hot summer night and features fireflies, shooting stars, and a young man's heart's desire. I'd love to hear what you think.) Shooting Star (Inspired by Elton John’s “Is...

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Why Hillary’s Nomination Matters to Me (In the Category of Say What You Mean)
Yesterday, something happened that I have hoped for most of my
life: a woman became a major party’s presumptive nominee for President of the
United States. It shouldn’t be a big deal. All the cool countries have let a
woman run them; the United States of Am...

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Re-releasing the "In Sixteen Bars" Stories (In the Category of Want What You Have)
I had the pleasure a few years back of writing a number of
short stories for a friend’s e-zine, In
Sixteen Bars . My friend – I’ll call him Dan – accepted stories inspired by
songs, a worthy muse. I had finally gotten off my ass and started writing
fiction ...

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"It's different, the view from a train."
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