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ummu zainab
A stay at home mother to my darling daughter and wife to a loving husbund. Love any DIY project.
A stay at home mother to my darling daughter and wife to a loving husbund. Love any DIY project.

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Food theme: Arabic, English and Dhivehi
We are doing our first theme activity: Food. Fruits and vegetable sorting  tot tray. Fine motor activities (Tot trays). Pompom spooning activity. Transfer activity (tweezers/ tongs). Strawberry transfer activity using mini erasers. Spreading on a piece of b...

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The very hungry caterpillar activities!
The very hungry caterpillar is Zainab's favorite book, so I decided to make some story props for the book. I made the caterpillar using a pipe cleaner and made some lacing cards. The paper bag is the cocoon and I hid the butterfly in the paper bag before st...

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S strawberries!
I would like to share our letter S is for strawberry activities   First we did scissor practice, my little one saw me cutting the strawberries and started asking for her scissors :) Strawberry transfer activity. Strawberry counting activity. Strawberry hand...

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Letter Ain is for Inab (grapes)!
 Today we did some 'Ain is for 'Inab (grapes) activities. Finger paint letter craft.   Purple paint and letter cut out from cardboard.  The plan was for my little one to dip her finger in the paint and make finger print grapes. But she decided to cover both...

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Lentil Soup or Dhal (Mugu riha)
Mugu riha is one of my favourite side dishes. Its a healthy, tasty and an easy dish to make . Mugu riha is a popular dish at our home. In...

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By Ferran Turmo Gort And ‘Abdullah bin al-Mubarak recorded in az-Zuhd [p. 51] that
al-Hassan al-Basri said, "I saw those people [the sal...

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Sewing; My Eid Abaya
Assalaam Alaikum, I have been trying to write a post about sewing for so long,
but due to my horrible pictures I have been unable to publ...

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Lessons taught by a baby
Assalam Alaikum, This is one of those days, my
baby girl crying for no apparent reason and glued to her momma. Usually, she is
easy going...

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Friday's Fragrance
Assalaam Alaikum Alhamdulillah, We are blessed with meeting another Friday, the best day of the week. "By no means will you attain Al-Bir...

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My morning cup of coffee.
By Roger Price This morning was really hectic, as I had several visitors today. Making a special breakfast and lunch took most of my time...
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