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French guy lost in Bangkok
French guy lost in Bangkok

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If you're doing paid video streaming on the Internet, you know how annoying it can be when clever people find your stream links and share them for the world to use, wasting your precious bandwidth.

I have shared my experiences in creating a strict user validation system using off-the-shelf softwares Wowza Streaming Engine ( and Nimble Streamer ( in the attached file, I hope it can be useful to others!

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A 5,335,200 piece full scale LEGO X-Wing Fighter

Here are all details about the model:

Contains 5,335,200 LEGO bricks
Weighs 45,979.61 pounds (including bricks and steel infrastructure)
Height: 11 feet / 3.35 meters
Length: 43 feet / 13.1 meters
Wingspan: 44 feet / 13.44 meters
32 builders spent 17,336 hours (about 4 months) to construct


#StarWars   #XWing #StarWarsTuesday   #Lego  

Bonjour! Je suis Francais mais je vais faire mes commentaires en Anglais :)
I have all my media in a Synology NAS device and was looking for a better way to access it than a basic uPnP service... And now I discovered this Archos app, and wow! 
Actually my company here sells really cool Android-based set-top-boxes, and I will recommend your app to all my customers!

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Cool Machinery. Took these pictures as reference, and they actually look pretty good :D
July 5, 2012 (6 photos)
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pretty good comparison :)
I will be giving away a brand new Nexus 7 tablet, all you need to do is reshare this post on G+.  Once the video below reaches 1 million views I will pick a winner!  #BoycottApple   #nexus7   #giveaway  

*update I don't care where you live... in Mars or Jupiter I will ship anywhere!*

Hmmmmmm vanilla jellybean ;)

So far quite impressed, no major changes but a lot of little tweaks here and there... And yes, definitely smoother than ICS which was already quite impressive!

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Can cheap Android tablets be any good? In this post I will share my mini-review of the ICOO D70 tablet, which cost a paltry $99.99 (plus shipping).

In the past, a cheap 7" android tablet meant some outdated hardware, running Android 2.2 and a blocky 800x480 screen. But with the advent of Android 4.0 and low cost dual-core CPUs, manufacturers have been able to come up with some presumably better hardware without breaking the bank. After some searching, this particular model seemed a good candidate:

To me, the most important specs were a 1024x600 screen, and 1GB of RAM. In my opinion, less than that makes the Android experience terrible.

Anyway, a week later, the postman brought it in, and I tore into the box, as you can see in the attached photos.

I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality. Sure, it's nowhere as solid as my HTC Flyer, but the shell pieces fit nicely and do not creak when handled.  Neither did I notice any light leaks around the screen. As a bonus, it is quite light, which makes holding it for extended times somewhat more comfortable.

The selection of ports is quite good, with a mini HDMI port (no cable or adapter supplied, though), a USB port that can also function as a host for OTG capabilities, and a separate port for a DC charger (not included, but it charges fine by USB). With only 8GB on board, a MicroSD port is also a welcome addition. It was interesting to note there is no back camera, only a front one. Not a big loss, in my opinion.

Other hardware omissions include Bluetooth and GPS. Those are available on more expensive models, so you do get what you pay for!

Of course, the next step was to power it up! Boot time was reasonable, about on par with my Xoom. But once the lock screen showed up, this is where the cost-cutting of the device reared its ugly head: The screen is rather bad. Though it is of a good resolution (1024x600), it seems to be a Pentile type screen, so it's nowhere as sharp as a "proper" LCD like on the Flyer. Also, even at full brightness it's not amazingly bright, and until the screen warms up (or my eyes get adjusted, perhaps), there is a slight blue hue to everything.

But, that's not a reason to hate this little tablet, it's still very usable! Honestly, I was surprised at how smooth it was, no lag or stutters, all very responsive. I then checked out the installed software... The tablet runs Android 4.0.3, and interestingly enough, it is delivered rooted! Which is a good thing, because it is cripple, with regards to Google apps. Though the Play Store is installed, Google Maps cannot be found, so that would need to be sideloaded.

Other installed apps include some games, a "2160p" media player, and some China-specific apps like Baidu, etc. Once again, with root access, it is easy to remove the unneeded ones.

The 2160p media player intrigued me, so I tested it with an included video clip, and sure enough it played nicely. A bit pointless, really, considering it only has a "600p" screen. But then, I installed the DLNA/UPNP app BubbleUpnP and accessed my media server... And lo and behold, 720p and 1080p MKV videos which would stutter and lag badly on my other devices (Flyer, Xoom, Desire HD and Galaxy Nexus), played buttery-smooth on this one. That was a nice surprise!

Gaming performance was also fine, from Angry Birds to heavier 3D games.

Battery life, as can be expected, is not bad but not stellar either. Using the tablet non-stop for about 3 hours, the battery dropped to about 60%. Additionally, the back side of the tablet, especially on the left, gets rather hot. Not uncomfortably hot, but hot nonetheless. I am not sure if there may be some long-term effects due to this, but it should be kept in mind!

So, all in all, I was mostly pleasantly surprised by this tablet. It may not be as versatile as a "proper" one from the likes of Acer, but for this price, it makes a great little multimedia entertainment device. But I would recommend spending a little more on those advertised with IPS displays, they should address my biggest gripe with this one!
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My name is Thomas and I am an Android addict...
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