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A mathematical limerick. This makes me happy. 

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Shooting affray.

--Yesterday afternoon, about 6 o'clock, a shooting affray occurred between Jacob Eizenhower and John T. Davidson, two engineers on the Richmond and Fredericksburg railroad, near the corner of 7th and Broad sts. Eizenhower fired five times at Davidson, who had a pistol drawn, but not being able to make it go off could not return the fire. D. narrowly escaped with his life, receiving a slight wound in the face, having one of his fingers shot off, and still another ball penetrating his clothing and falling down into his boot. Eizenhower was not arrested. The affray grew out of an old difficulty.

#Antiphonal Hornet

Antiphonal Hornets are mainly found on or near the banks of the mighty river #Tyrpsh .  So named for sound they produce in their hives, a chilling, mournful wail.  Solitary hornets send out a cry, and the nest responds, helping foragers and raiders orient themselves and find their way home.  Nests within earshot of each other will take turns splitting the night unearthly music.

Antiphonal hornets themselves feed on nectar from the many Tyrpshian flowering plants, but their larva require living food.  Singly, or in small groups, hornets hunt down large insects and other small animals, paralyze them with their stings (damned painful, I was attacked by a small swarm once while tracking a greater horned #Xarash ) and carry them back to their nests, to be devoured.

- #Silvestra van #Veer

Greater Horned #Xarash
The river #Tyrpsh

Cited by:

#Silvestra van #Veer
Explorer/Big Game Hunter

Renowned explorer and sportsman van Veer originally hails from #Pongsdam.  Since her retirement, van Veer has taken a post teaching biology and geography at the University of #Maggri, where she entertains students with her colourful tales of adventure in the #Jungles of #Wystyra.

*Played as a scholar in #Jungles of  #Wystyra : Flora and Fauna

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"If it blows, it goes..."

This is a fascinating read in itself, but also a trove of ideas about the logistics of cave exploration.
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