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Most Expensive Listings in Park City
When we think of winter destinations at the top of the list for a lot of people is Park City, UT. This charming little town located in Utah's Wasatch Mountains, it is located between three world class ski Resorts. Park City is also known for being home of t...

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SPCD - Sellers Property Condition Disclosure
Took a client through a home yesterday and he noticed that below one of the windows in the unfinished area of the basement it looked wet.  We pulled the insulation back it was definitely moist and it was definitely very moist.  We looked in the window well ...

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Mold, Mildew, Fungus....
                                                                          Living in the dry climate of Utah we don't experience nearly as often the issues that come from too much moisture in a home.  However, Utahn's also love...

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Home Automation Now
I'm not asked very often yet, however once in awhile someone will ask if a home is wired for any automation.  Usually if it is wired for such it is only with a security system.  With the marketing that is being done for automated homes and not just for secu...

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Equal in Everything???
In my previous life as a contractor I had to make sure that I followed EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) rules and regulations.  Now that I have a new life as a realtor I figured that the finer points of equality would not be part of my busines...

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$1,000.00 Toaster
As I take home buyers through homes invariably they want to know what appliances are staying or they comment on what appliances they want to keep or have removed in the purchase. Here is a toaster that is probably going to stay with the owner, since it cost...

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Teens Schedule for Buying a Home and Getting Married
Marriage and Buying a home....aren't these the two things that really show we have matured and are taking responsibility? ( Townhouse listed in American Fork, UT) Maybe we could add having a job, but with the economy the way it is.....I would say, having yo...

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Wallsburg Real Estate
In the month of September very little changed in Wallsburg real estate, no homes sold and no land sold. Have an amazing day! Brian Olsen, WWR 

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Buy VS Rent
Have you ever wondered if you really save money by purchasing a home vs renting?  Take a look at the properties for rent on vs the ones listed for sale on the Wasatch Front MLS.  The purchase is based on the price of the home with 10% down a 5% inte...

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Low Rates - Where are the Home Buyers???
I'm always amazed when I hear about global weather forecasts for years and even decades into the future and then I see how often the weekly weather forecast changes.  How can anyone predict the weather. However, you may have a better shot at predicting the ...
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