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Glad To Be A programmer

Combine a full time job at Microsoft and weekends spent filming a movie (up at 5AM, back in bed usually around 9PM), and what do you get? A bad blogger. I haven’t exactly been lighting up the keyboards of late, mostly because when I sit down to write after working all weekend, the sound in my head is like the wind through the frame of a half-constructed building (though some readers are of the opinion that that is the sound that is ALWAYS in my head).

Last week was worse than usual, as I was in Las Vegas attending the Microsoft Embedded Developer’s Conference. Really, I have proof, and you can see me, here, watching Sumo-bots programmed by conference attendees compete for the grand prize (which appears to be some kind of robot kit, though I never found out for sure). Microsoft has turned the .NET runtime they designed for tiny devices, such as SPOT watches, into a product, called the .NET MicroFramework, which can be licensed for use in devices like Sumo-bots, or more practically, embedded devices with very limited capabilities that could use a managed runtime for extensibility or simplified development.

In general, the conference was highly informative, and made me remember why I’m glad I accidentally chose programming as a career (I majored in Economics). There are so many sub-disciplines within computer science that, as long as you genuinely enjoy programming, it’s hard to get bored.

I’m not an embedded programer…yet. I have an interest in it, and have for quite awhile, ever since I picked up a book on robotics shortly before I left for Europe in 2000. That’s a long time ago, but then again, I have lots of interests (hence my lack of free time), and mundane things like learning the language of the country in which I’d chosen to live took precedence.
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