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Youngest dog (Kona) has an issue with the end of her tail, it died. They're cropping it today. Poor girl has autoimmune or something. Fingers crossed she'll be OK.

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Egg salad sandwich is BACON jam... AWESOME! #pdx # bacon

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Hanging at Rum club with the hubby. Great drinks!

Ready for class today. SO excited to be going back to school and learning lots. Getting my
Organizational Development certificate at PSU!

Discovery while grocery shopping yesturday... Tillamook yogurt has modified corn starch in it... Result... No more Tillamook yogurt in our house.

Wow neighbor has a sign in his front yard "private
party" below that it says the same but in Spanish. RUDE neighbor since we ALWAYS invite them tp the neighborhood BBQs. 

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Just updated my blog and posted about the Sock Summit this weekend and visiting with family. You can find my blog here

Just upgraded to Lion today!

Hanging out at work.. working away on a "Preventing Harassment" course. Can ANYTHING get more exciting?
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