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Jordan S. Terry
Founder & Managing Director - Stone Street Advisors LLC
Founder & Managing Director - Stone Street Advisors LLC

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Who are you random people who add me?

I do not understand why so many people I don't know from around the world have added me to their circles especially since I post twice/year. Can someone please explain?

1st time checking in here in at least 6 months. Do you guys/gals actually use this regularly?

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The Wall Street stock bull market promotion machine is operating at full capacity. GS pulling out all the stops on its China offshore coverage (U.S. and HK listed Chinese co's). GS International quant team has Europe Equity Risk Premium at 6.3% while for some inexplicable reason, the China team is using 6.5%. Europe may have some major league ugly macro issues, but I don't buy that investing in Chinese stocks is only 20bps riskier than investing in Euro ones. Even if GS Int'l prediction that Euro ERP moderates to 5.8% in a year do you still think investing in hot Chinese stocks should only demand a 70bps higher risk premium? I'd need at least a few hundred bps to even consider it!

My feelings towards google+ can best be summed-up thusly: "meh"

Trying to figure out a way to get my trading/investing peeps not naturally and/or professionally inclined to be interested in very nuanced/technical financial stuff to get interested, as there are real and real important implications for them and their money. My past experience is that even though there's major impact/implication, no matter how I word/frame it, people's eyes gloss over as soon as I mention CAPM or any portfolio theory/valuation stuff. Anyone have a suggestion?

Insert witty inaugural post here (seriously, thats the best I could do, pathetic, I know)
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