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The Storm
It hit me for the first time yesterday. The reality of how little time I may have should my wife and I make the decision I expect us to make soon. I knew it intellectually, but hadn't felt it emotionally since my consultation with my oncologist on Tuesday. ...

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No Good Options
My consultation with my oncologist today was very informative, and I got the answers I was expecting. Just not the ones I was hoping for. It seems I'm at the end of the road when it comes to hormone treatment. It's no longer effective for me. The pharmacy t...

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On The Move
I got my PSA result from yesterday. It's .98. That's almost tripled in the last month, and nearly into whole numbers. The number is still in the "normal" range, but as my oncologist says, it's not about the number, it's about the trend. The trend is in the ...

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Mark's Excellent Road Trip, Part Four: The Road Home
It's been a day since I arrived at home here in Denver, Colorado. This is the first chance I've had to write, and I'm so tired, I don't know if I can finish this post tonight. But I'll try. Today was supposed to be a "recovery day," but it didn't quite work...

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Mark's Excellent Road Trip Part Three: The Benefits of Cancer
Yesterday, the time had come for the event I drove so far to be here for; my friend Christopher Caminti's birthday party and cancer benefit concert. At least I thought I drove a long way, but others drove even farther. Which shows how much love there is for...

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Mark's Excellent Road Trip, Part Two: Running On Fumes
It's been a long day But I feel I must travel -Neal Morse, The Similitude Of A Dream In my last post, I said that I expected the next day to be an altogether different sort of day than the first. It was. On the first day, my energy level was high, and I was...

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Mark's Excellent Road Trip, Part One: The Majesty And Glory
Am I crazy? Why yes, of course I am. But you already knew that. What I mean is, am I crazy to embark on a long road trip like this knowing my condition, knowing I'd be driving for eight hours today after having had a date night with my wife at a local conce...

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Everything Must Go
My last recording project is finished. My weekly song parody service for radio ended in May. Starting yesterday, I've begun clearing out my recording studio and researching what the equipment I have might be worth. As of right now, Everything Must Go. Both ...

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Life In Our Days
In one of the comments to my post The Suggestion Box in a Stage 4 prostate cancer support group, Patricia Hällfors used the expression in the above graphic. I had never heard it before, and I found it to be very beautiful and profound. She and her husband, ...

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Explaining Myself... Again
I'm happy to report that the negative reaction I was expecting from my
last post never happened. I only received one comment that I'd consider
negative. The rest was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, after three days, The Suggestion Box is now my all-time...
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