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Haiming L

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London Chinatown

Hi everyone, I just want to make sure the next class will start at 7pm? Or some time earlier like the first class we met? 

Hi everyone, how can I do if I want to add some websites links to my sidebar of blog? Or which widgets I can use? I'm thinking about linking some relevant websites to my blog.

Hi there, I have two questions about making videos.  Can the videos on youtube be downloaded? And how can I capture the long rolling screen? I mean for example there is a long airtical, and I'd like it to show from top to bottom..

The Spring/summer semester has opened for registering. And a little bit wired that the Fall 2016 semester can registered at the same time. So I'd like to remind you guys don't forget to register the Fall semester.  And Alec's Spring class seems to be full at 00:01, Mar 8th.... (+﹏+)

Hi all,
I'd like to know is there any method to share the vedios on facebook to twitter?
There are so many useful vedio resources on facebook.

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Almost Spring Festival. Sorry I can't be home~

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I’m a willful child is my favourite poem writen by Gu Cheng, who got a name as “fairy tale poet”. This poem is one of the master works of him, telling that in the 1980’s China, the intellects felt pulzzed and worried about the country and the future. They…

Hi everyone, I'm Haiming Li, from Shandong, China. I once teach Chinese to Mongolian and I also was a part-time piano teacher in China. This seems to be an interesting class and very glad to know you and some old classmates. I'm not very familiar with overseas social media but there may be something the same with the ones I used in China. By the way, studing by a second language is really difficult. But I hope this class will encourage me to start my journey in google+, twitter and blog.
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