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it's been a long time not using Google+....

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This article indicates that Microsoft was using Python in 1996 and shipped one official product called Microsoft Merchant Server, interesting!

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Google I/O 2016 Recap,沒有機會去到 I/O 的可以來回顧一下今年的 I/O 有哪些精彩內容,GDG Taipei 的共同協辦人們,還有今年剛開始的 Women TechMaker Lead,Mia 會分享他們在 Google I/O 的所見所聞,絕對是科技媒體或官方網站上面看不到的內容呦!



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We made it, GDG Taipei and GDG Suzhou are connected tonight due to Google I/O Extended! How pity the schedule is too compact to finish all sessions in Taipei. So they can listen only the BugQuery sharing from Cloud GDE +Lucemia Chen​, hope we can do better in the next year.

And this is also my first Google I/O Extended in China, glad to have chance to share previous I/O experence to Suzhou audiences.

It's supprising we could have 1080p, non lagging streaming video experience here, people are pretty enjoying the live.


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GDG Taipei will hold the very first Women Tech Maker event in this Friday, It's our pleasure to invite Kelly, the organizer of PyLadies Taiwan, she will share her relevant experience in tech field as a girl and how to define female tech community.
GDG Taipei 預定在本週五 ( 4 / 29 ) 舉辦第一次的 WTM 活動 。我們很高興能夠邀請到 PyLasies Taiwan 的 Organizer Kelly ,來跟我們分享作為一個女生在科技相關領域的經驗以及女性社群的定位。



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This morning I saw this blog post from AWS:

AWS provides a rich completion shell for AWS user to perform CLI operations.

Actually I've done similar thing before, but since too busy I didn't make it up-to-date, I'm here to call for contributors :D

the roadmap is basically like the following:

* make it up-to-date
* currently gcloud SDK use auto generated completion for bash, and use another auto conversion tool to convert the completion format to Zsh's one, I hope we could integrate it.

the demo:
the github link:

by this chance, I want to start this project again. It's great to see AWS doing this since I think this is a significant element to developer experience.

Feel free to create issue, tag me, or ask me somthing : )

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Colin Su commented on a post on Blogger.

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Android 6 裡面的 HTTP Client 換了

Android 6 is going to deprecate it's legacy HTTP client, here's a workaround for enabling Apache's legacy HTTP client.
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