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Web designer, Google Local SEO and all around wide awake guy
Web designer, Google Local SEO and all around wide awake guy


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There is no "Secret Sauce" to online #marketing . New client called and told me about the seo they hired previously, and that said seo claimed to have a secret formula to get them on page 1. But it didn't work and they never hit page 29... this is an excerpt from their website about the "secret sauce"::

"""...these are GURU secrets, taught in a closed door invitation only mastermind session. Every member pays thousands of dollars to master White Hat Google Friendly Methodologies."""

WTF? Who knew! All we have to do as SEO's|SEMs is pay thousands of dollars to learn uber-secrets of online marketing? SIGN ME UP! I'm extremely tired of doing all this grunt work - time to take it easy... holy crow ye know some poor client fell for their spiel... it gets better; another excerpt::

"""As a matter of fact, each SEO/SEM Professional was required to sign a NDA confidentiality agreement prior to attending the session. There were No Videos, Recorders or Computers Allowed... It’s that hot.""" gets worse:

"""...Don’t ask how it’s done, we are sworn to secrecy,.."

Yeah... I'm sure you are. Look, any SEO worth their salt will tell you exactly what they are doing. You're simply paying for the service of not having to do it yourself especially if you don't know where to start. Lastly, your monthly reports are going to explain whats been happening anyway so there are no secrets.

So to end my rant, online marketing is grunt work pure and simple. Don't believe in any secret sauce or attempt to swallow any magic pill. Cheers
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With SSL being applied to domains now the norm, it's interesting to note how many people still don't understand it. What's scarier? So called web developers and "seo" types still have yet to grasp how well a domain with an SSL outperforms.

While there are a few tricks to getting it just right, it's not rocket surgery and takes roughly 30 - 120 minutes to complete. (120 minutes based on any code changes in some sites, Google WMT changes etc). If you think it's expensive, consider being run over by your competition and then having to play catch-up.

Expensive? No. Namecheap offers a Comodo DV SSL (which is the norm) for $9 per year and can be applied to any registrar. Their full-bar EV SSL runs about $101 per year (for ecommerce sites)

If you want more information about their SSL offers and domain discounts, please use my aff link, it doesn't cost anything extra and allows me to buy more domains to add to my horde:

If you'd like more information on getting an SSL onto your site send me a note and I'll take a peak. Cheers.
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I code at night, which may disturb my neighbours based on how loud and fast I type when I'm closing up a site.. to this Elvis song especially:

Just spent the last 7 days building the largest database of all Arkansas #bailbonds companies, bail laws, and other pertinent info. Whew... new bail site coming soon.
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#microvictory today as I completed a simple lander for a #bailbond company... couldn't have done it without great coffee and this:

Boring Sunday-Funday turned into an early morning #microvictory prank. With a little Macgyverin' I turned the fan blade around on the standing fan - so now it's sucking air. Wife's turned the fan on and I've heard my name called twice now...

My 1,000 Shopping Lists #microvictory - I have a secret hobby... and for me it's totally addictive. I collect shopping lists I find in empty carts.. to date I now have 1,000 of other peoples shopping lists.

Don't really recall how it started as I can't recall which one I picked up first and why. Some of them are classic, some to the point obscene, tons of spelling errors and some with the most beautiful handwriting.

Next time you're out shopping, have a peek through the throng of empty carts... you'll see someones discarded shopping list. Gives you an insight in to what they eat, clean with or...

My Costco #microvictory - hatched my uber-kewl plan to maneuver through Costco and not buy the things I don't need... it starts with a hot dog and drink, which means you have to begin your journey backwards through  Costco. This ticks off the people waiting to get their pass/fail grade on their receipts from the gatekeepers. But, is well worth it.

Hot dog and drink in hand you start from the left and work to the right. This enables you to not only to stay on the food side of things, but also grab up the samples in that very area. Its here you notice you don't fill up your cart with things that will never fit in your freezer.

Following the grocery list, I make it to checkout unscathed.. and full.

This Costco trip trick works for me and I hope you give it a try. Also.. if you're planning a family BBQ - I suggest holding it at the Costco. You don't have to cook, you won't have 20 kids running through your house spilling things or dripping ice-cream everywhere. Think about it... they have everything for BBQ right there at the food court...
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