Here's the group photo from tonight's +Trey Ratcliff photo walk at Stanford. It was great to meet everyone and put real faces to the Google+ profile photos! Thanks again to Trey for organizing this.

A few people asked for the details on how this shot was done so here it is...

This was by far the largest group shot I've ever taken and I wasn't sure how many rows of people were going to be in the photo until right before I took it. Assuming the worst, I setup four Ranger Quadra packs outfitted with bare heads and wide reflectors. You can see two heads in the photo lighting the front and middle. The other two heads are high camera left and right on C stands aimed at the back in a cross pattern.

The Quadras were set at ~3.5 power giving me ~f/11, ambient light was dialed in at 1/60 s.

I was going to put the camera on a tripod but didn't feel like messing around with it on those steps. Instead, I wound up shooting the Phase One IQ140 with a 35mm lens, hand held, at ISO 400.

I think there are over 150 people in this shot. I've tried counting heads on my screen a few times but it's late and I keep losing track of who I already


Folks are saying that there are 183 people in the shot.

Also, a larger version of the photo is available from here:

Feel free to copy/use non-commercially, just please attribute and link back to the URL above.
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