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Free Miles Transmission Shop

Transmissions are our specialty. We rebuild them fast, usually within 2 days and correctly so they will last. All of our builders are highly trained and have many years of experience.

Often times there is a very simple solution to your transmission problem and we check for all the simple solutions first. We know you don't have any money to waste on expensive repairs if you don't need them.

Sometimes it's just a solenoid, broken wire, or bad electronics that control the transmission.

If you do need a transmission repair it is possible that you will only need a level one repair which is only about $600 in most cases.

The majority of the time a transmission will require a level 2 rebuild which is more, but still very reasonable. One of our transmission specialists will be happy to give you a quote.

If you need financing we will finance for you no matter how bad or good your credit is.

Our quotes are based on major components being rebuildable.


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