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Jennifer Federici
Baseball and long-distance running...and that's about it.
Baseball and long-distance running...and that's about it.

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Definitely not.
That’s what multiple someones have said to me in the past couple weeks.  On Twitter.  In the office.  Everywhere.  It’s an epidemic. But, let’s not get crazy…of course it’s not!  Don’t be ridiculous!  Well, not unless you began your Texas Rangers watching…

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Happy Michael Young Day! (On Saturday)
I think we all remember this day, don't we?  It's the last time Michael Young put on his Rangers jersey: Sorry...I think I need a minute... MIKE!!!  Please come back! That's when MY said this : My time in Texas is 13 of the best years of my life...It was my...

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Newsflash...Your Texas Rangers will NOT finish 0-162
SHUT UP IAN! This guy.  Haha.  It's okay, he just misses us.  And no, this whole post is not going to be about Ian Kinsler, big mouth baseball players, stupid interviews, or any combination therein.  I just like laughing at Kins at this point.   So, what is...

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27 Days in March
27 days.  That's what we have left until Opening Day!  That's exciting isn't it? Exciting...and...well...terrifying. We (yup, still on the team) have some questions to answer if your Texas Rangers are going to be ready to win come March 31st. Questions like...

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“You know, if my dog was as ugly as you, I'd shave his butt
and tell him to walk backwards.”      - The Great Hambino Ahh yes… Hamilton Porter, aka ‘The Great Hambino”.  He, Smalls, Squints, Yeah Yeah, and Benny
“The Jet” Rodriguez made one hell of a baseba...

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The Consummate Captain
October 29, 2011.  The
day that will live in Rangers infamy FOREVER. 
FOR.EV. ER.  Actually…October 27 th was the even worse day.  Thanks Nelly
Cruz!  Jackass.  There are no words.  NONE. Losing the World Series in 2010 sucked, don’t get me
wrong.  But that...
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