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Bruises in the Frosting
Bruises in the Frosting

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Please don't make me beg. I'm in a contest to win photos with my fiance (which we have 3, and they are all ridiculous) and we are somehow 20 votes down. Which makes me sad.

Please please please vote!

Still trying to figure this out after almost 9 months. I fail at this sometimes.

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AMAZING. Google is fun :D

Sometimes I wonder how the hell this Google+ stuff works.

It's like the best of Facebook and Twitter, but nobody is here.

Occupy Wall Street. Thoughts?

I refer to the toddler in charge of Facebook as "Zimmerman" for two reasons.

1) I refuse to address him by his proper name, it's like saying "He Who Must Remain Nameless."

2) I cannot remember his name.

Google+ is starting to remind me of Twitter, as far as my user experience goes... I didn't get it at first, then I didn't care and now I'm giving it a go....

Holy crap, I have my own domain.


Bellingham is the greatest.

Our school district has voted to go on strike.

This is the eighth teacher strike I've dealt with in my lifetime.

The fact that senators get to sit on their fat happy asses for zillions of dollars and the teachers have to buy Kleenex for their kids out of their own pocket is ridiculous.
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