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Student Scientist & Serial App Developer

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It's been over a month since #Noyze , and a number of other independent apps, have been pulled from +Google Play thanks to their automated content scanning system and nonexistent developer support.

Over the past month, I've had a number of users express concern over the removal of Noyze from the Google Play Store and discontinued support. Unfortunately, my concerns are of negligible importance to Google. Because Google does not provide developer's with human support, I will never know why exactly my app was pulled, nor was I given a clear opportunity to alter my app to become policy-compliant.

Here are some of the recent policy changes:

It is clear that by requiring developers to publish physical addresses, respond within 24 hours to all inquiries, be given 7 days to make changes to updated policies, etc. that Google is shifting focus away from independent app developers. In the past, any person could publish an app they built in their spare-time. Like myself, most developers are moonlighters: they code hobby projects that earn them a small, but significant income. Now, Google is really pushing for apps to be built by companies that are able to provide product support with minimal turnaround because they believe this is in their user's best interests. However, these policies ostracize many independent developers that create captivating, original content in their spare time.

If you feel comfortable speaking out, I'd like to ask for your support in reaching out to Google. Below is the contact information for Google Play support and a sample of what you might tell them.

Phone: 855-836-3987

Dear Google,

I am writing/ calling to express my concern with the removal of the app, Noyze - Volume Panel, from the Google Play Store. As a user of Noyze, I am disappointed with the automated content management system that has lead to its removal. I am also appalled by the lack of transparency and information provided to developers regarding this process. Please consider reinstating developers like +Thomas Barrasso affected by this system and work with them by offering human support and transparency. Independent developers are what drive innovation on any app market; it's a shame that recent policy changes are systematically discouraging their efforts.

Thank you,

A concerned customer

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It's likely too late for #Noyze , but if you agree that Google needs to improve their developer communication and clarify policies, please sign this petition.

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Interesting article from +Phandroid highlighting Google's poor developer communication and confusing developer policies.

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#Noyze v1.5.2 (never released on Google) is available at the link below. More importantly, it is 100%; all features are unlocked.

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#Noyze is no more. Actually, my development is no more. Last night, Google decided to pull Noyze from the Play Store. What's more, they rejected my appeal and have terminated my account entirely. Given my previous misfortune, I can't validate giving Google any more of my time or patience (nor do I imagine them as anything less than intractable). I'm sorry for the disappointing news, but that's it, that's all.

"This is the way the world ends: Not with a bang but a whimper." - T.S. Eliot


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#Noyze has just passed 100,000 downloads on +Google Play!

(I'd have a sale to celebrate, but there's already one going on).
If you enjoy Noyze, please share it with your friends and family.

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Some screenshots. Since the last update, I can't see the word just a black box (and not all colors are black). Also it definitely looks like a scaling issue, text and buttons are cut off a bit.
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