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Photography Tours and Training (Colorado & Abroad...)
Photography Tours and Training (Colorado & Abroad...)


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Denver Pet Photography

I am happy to talk with you in detail about all the possible options until you feel confident in what you're are purchasing.  After all, this is an investment in a lifelong memory...  I understand it's important to make the right choices.

Please check out my [click link to read more...]

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An Excuse to Buy Fun Food & Save

Are you looking for a way to eat some really good food at a discount? Me too. So for all your photographers out there, don't forget that even food can become a write off as long as you are using it within the service of a photo shoot.
This week I had a client wanting an upscale image of his [click link to read more...]

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Exposure Stops in Photography - What is a stop? Why do I care?

What is an Exposure Stop?
The "stop" is a unit of measurement used in all aspects of photography. It is used by photographers to determine proper exposures, it is integral to selecting settings on your camera and it makes communication between photographers much easier.
An [click link to read more...]

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Dynamic Range Tutorial - Understanding the issues and solutions.

Dynamic Range
Dynamic range is the difference or ratio between the lowest and the highest intensity / value for a given measured quantity. ACK! What?
Let's try again: Dynamic range in photography describes the ratio between the maximum and minimum measurable light intensities (white and black, [click link to read more...]

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ON1 Photo RAW - A new RAW editor in town.

There is a new kid in town (or soon will be) when it comes to RAW photo editing.  On1 Photo RAW will soon be the "The future of RAW Photo Editing"...  at least that is what they are telling us.  It remains to be seen, but considering the quality of the rest of their product line I think there is a [click link to read more...]

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Tay Tay Girl

The town is TayTay (Palawan, Philippines).  The three days I spent there were great fodder for my camera.  I got up bright and early (pre-dawn) to see what I could capture from the squatter neighborhood just down the way from my hotel.  The light was barely hitting the front of some of the make [click link to read more...]

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NIK Photo Editing Software is now FREE!

Wow!  This is something quite amazing.  For those who don't know, NIK Photo Editing Software is a plugin suite once under a 3rd party company but later purchased by Google.  The suite is composed of seven plugin/programs which integrate direction with Lightroom & Photoshop (Analog Efex Pro, Col [click link to read more...]

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Photography Tours in the Philippines

Sorry folks,  I haven't posted anything in quite a while...  but I have an excuse. I have spent the past month in South East Asia exploring locations and logistics for future Photography Tours in the Philippines.  Of course that also requires taking plenty of photos of locations and culture in tho [click link to read more...]

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OnOne Software on Sale

If you are familiar with my photography then you know that I use the On1 Photo 10 editing software often to produce the look I'm after.  Even at it's full price it is always money well spent, but this holiday season OnOne is running a pretty sweet promotional sale.

Through the end of the year, [click link to read more...]

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