Focal now available in CyanogenMod 10.2!

Focal has been pushed to the official CyanogenMod repositories, and is now available automatically in CyanogenMod 10.2 builds!

.. It is technically possible to build it for CM-10.1, but we're not officially supporting that as CM-10.1 is now under maintenance mode thanks to the quick progress we're all doing with CM-10.2.

.. It is still considered as unstable: We haven't removed stock camera yet until we're sure Focal is 100% stable. Keep in mind that our tests were limited, as well as the number of devices we tested the app on, so bugs are to be expected. We are aware of ALL THE BUGS so please don't report any until further notice.

.. No plans to publish on Play Store for now, as it would be too much work to maintain.

.. I won't give any support at all to unofficial builds, and/or not running on CyanogenMod.

Have fun!
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