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What have I been working on recently?

It has occurred to many of you that I haven't been doing a lot of Android-related development these past few months. The main reason for this is that I've been busy with my daily job, and that frankly, you get tired pretty quickly of working on Android (aka. burn-out).

Out of the few projects I have been working on, one I'd like to draw your attention to is the KUB. We've seen a tremendous increase in malware spreading through USB drives, and there are a lot of machines (especially in the industry of standalone devices, such as in mechanical factories, hospitals, universities, etc) that communicate using USB devices exclusively.

The KUB is a standalone Linux-based USB decontamination station that securely scans USB devices (including Android devices!) and indicates you if they are safe to use by scanning them using multiple antivirus engines (and soon deeper static and dynamic analysis of applications (exe/bin/apk) through ML-powered static analysis and sandboxing - really cool stuff to work on).
It also have a few niceties like a Windows and Mac agent to prevent unscanned USB drives from being plugged in, the ability to securely transfer files (using PGP encryption), play videos while scan is in progress, it is sensible to BadUSB and USB Killer drives, aaaaand it has a nice Material Design interface on both the device and its management console :D

It is really nice to shift from "building a product for the Android enthusiast" to "applying the knowledge of building software for masses on an industrial product". There are many differences between building a piece of software for the opensource world, and building a piece of software for the proprietary world (though we've contributed bits to OSS too). I'm glad to have shipped my very-first AAA-quality product, and look forward to make that even better in the future.

Feel free to check it out at
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OK, so, ready for yet another Google rant? I promise, I'll be different.

I'm deeply open about phones - I have been rocking multiple devices from multiple vendors over the 6 years I've been a die-hard fan of Android, praising it everywhere even in areas it didn't necessarily succeed, backing Google decisions even if I didn't entirely approve them.

The Nexus 5 was, and still is, the best device I own(ed) (an unfortunate drop shattered our mutual love). It worked, was snappy, rocked top-notch specs for the time, and costed literally nothing. Great support by Google, and all that.

Fast-forward 3 years, us 5 inch lovers (blah blah that's what she said) finally get our new high-end device at the size we wanted... But it isn't happening the way everyone has been expecting it to.
So yeah, the Google Pixel is a nice phone specs-wise: nice camera, latest SoC, AMOLED screen, fingerprint reader, etc. Sure, it delivers for 649$ (or, for Europeans, 759 EUR which is roughly the price of an iPhone 7). But let's take a look at another phone that hit the market a few months ago : the OnePlus 3. Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM, AMOLED screen, fingerprint reader, Sony high-end camera sensor, etc. The difference then? You can buy two OP3 for one Pixel.

And don't tell me "but Pixel has 821" yeah yeah yeah 821 is just a superclocked 820 (and it's still below the Apple A10 SoC), so that doesn't count. Besides, the Nexus 5's 800 is still more than capable today, so I wouldn't even mind. But QCOM decided to kill support, so there's that. Because of that, let your dreams of 5 years Apple-like support vanish into dust.

OK for hardware - but Pixels will have the latest trending Google software! Yeah, look at how Nexus 6 got 7.0 a month late, and how 7.1 will be in "dev preview before the end of the year". What does this mean?
- Pixels either ship with beta software, or they're lying about 7.1 readiness state
- No AOSP source code drop before 7.1 release, which, if dev preview is late 2016, won't happen before mid-Q1 2017
- No AOSP drop for 7.1 before Q1 2017 : No custom ROMs for Pixel until 2017!
- Which might also mean OEMs partner won't distribute 7.1 months after the first Pixels shipped, and at earliest next year

So much for openness, Google is also now digging for even more fragmentation, even within their own devices. I thought the opposite was supposed to happen?

Regarding the keynote itself, it was... dull. First, it was held in what looked like an old high school theatre, and I/O was much more dynamic than that. With all the advertisement Google made for this conference, I was expecting a revolution, a true next-generation announcement. Instead, we got a reminder of what was said at I/O, plus an overpriced OnePlus 3. Disappointed, and more than that, frustrating.

My personal choice: Either going for a OnePlus 3 for cheaper, or Xperia XZ for a more premium price. With the XZ, I get IP67 + a nicer look, for 70 EUR less than the Pixel. And Sony AOSP support. I was all-in for Nexus and Google-branded products, they lost me now.

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Is it me or the League of Legends community is getting worse every day? There's not one game where I don't need to report someone for either AFK, flaming, bot'ing, or feeding...
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YouTube Provider for Encore Music is now in public beta!

Always wanted the pleasure of your favorite music, covers and crazy songs on YouTube without the hassle of having a browser open, or keeping the YouTube app open, or burning your bandwidth?
The YouTube Provider will help with that! Combine it with Encore Music, an expandable music app, you can:

- Listen to any YouTube video just like your regular music tracks
- Access and edit your YouTube playlists
- Download your YouTube playlists for offline playback (reduced storage space: only the audio track is saved - no quality loss: 1-to-1 stream copy, no transcoding)
- Browse your YouTube favorite channels and channels playlists just like regular artists and albums!
- Search instantly through the whole YouTube library

How to download it?

Reminder: You need the base Encore Music app

Unfortunately, this plug-in won't be on the Play Store (for obvious reasons). It has instead been made available on XDA-Developers' developer-oriented store, XDA Labs. For more information about XDA Labs, visit:

If you need any kind of support or help on the plug-in, visit:

Unlike previous plug-ins, this plug-in has been in low-light open beta-testing with a few users over the past few weeks. Kudos to them for helping test and fix the few issues in this plug-in!

Enjoy your music!

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Who's up for some free YouTube music right inside Encore Music? Beta instructions: comment below if you're interested and I'll get that to you in PM.

As with any Encore Music plug-in, the plug-in allows you to search YouTube for any video (especially music videos ;)), play them, add them in your playlists, store them offline (at reduced size, only the audio track is saved), and browse channels as if they were artists and albums.
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Repair your pictures directly on your phone!

Based on the HealingBrush sample, I've released an app on the Play Store capable of healing pictures imperfections (holes, fractures, rust, dots, ...) with just two taps. First, circle, the zone to fix. Second, press the Heal button. Done.

This app has a few enhancements over the sample, noticeably bug fixes and the ability to select which picture to fix. More will come over time.

All for free on the Play Store:
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I thought that with Microsoft Edge, the "it probably won't work on IE" would stop.
Well, it's IE 6 all over again : - CSS mix-blend-mode, supported at least partially by every other browser (except Opera Mini) for a few versions now, "under consideration" by the Edge team.

Microsoft, please, just stop trying to do a web browser. You're hurting web devs worldwide.
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At long last, the project I’ve been working on has finally been released: Encore Music!

Encore Music is a new way to experience music on your Android device. It allows you to install provider plug-ins from the Play Store (and others) to play any music source directly into the same app. It makes it damn easy to build cross-services playlists, and unifies the playback experience into one place. On top of that, we did the same thing for audio effects, allowing you to experience the famous DSP Manager on any device and any ROM, and much more. Any of you can make a plug-in (music provider or sound effect) using our SDK :)

A few music sources plug-ins are available at launch: Spotify, Google Play Music, and YouTube ; same goes for sound effects : Bass boost, DSP Suite (DSP Manager clone), and a creation of mine called PlodeySound (psycho-acoustic bass enhancer similar to MaxxBass, and an aural exciter for better highs definition).

You thought having just a pluggable music app would make you happy? We’ve got some more stuff in stores for you:
Material design UI (with the famous play FAB morphing animation)
Chromecast support (yes, Spotify can be casted to your Chromecast) - and that works on any modern browser too
Artists, albums browsing, similar suggestions, playlists
Automix (Spotify only for now) allowing you to create automated playlists
Integrated music recognition, to directly add to your playlists the music you’re hearing
Integrated lyrics display
Drive mode, with voice commands, gestures and navigation heads (“Navheads”) for easy going back between Maps and Encore
Automated bluetooth actions (start playback and drive mode when connecting to your car BT unit)
Android TV  support
And much more!

I’m really glad to finally put this out to public after over a year of research and development to make this the best music app available. The best thing? The core is open-source! Check out the source code, released under GPL license, at - and download the production app at 

Also, if you like high definition sound, deep bass and great high-ends and harmonics, you should check out my DSP plugin PlodeySound at

And I'm already working on my next big thing.
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Blargh, everyone is teasing stuff. I should start teasing my thing too.
#tease   #android   #thing  
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